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Stomach Cancer

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My Husband 46 was diganoised with stomach cancer 4 monthsa ago.We been married almost 19 years and have 2 teenagers.He Actually has Neuoendoctrine Tumors in his stomach thats cancer, and started out as 4 tumors,now months later over 10.It's a rare cancer and paticularly likes the stomach.He has atrophic Gastritis which seems to cause the tumors.So far treatment has been scopes, and removing them that way a few at a time(but grows back rapidly).They want to do a full Gastrectomy, but we have been putting it off.Knowing the Gastritis makes the tumors grow concerns us.We've had several opinions.With this cancer there's No Chemo, or radiation avaiable to us.Right now other than pain after scopes every month, He seems to be fine.We just live day to day waiting.Doctors say its up to him for surgery, and explained to us risks,and complications.My husband says surgery is his last choice, and he wants to keep his stomach as long as possible.I just wanted to share my story.I've been reading the posts, and the stories of survival give me hope.I can't make my husband do something he doesn't want.I support him no matter his decision.We moved to Wisconsin from Montana 4 months ago, simply because we we're so far away from Physicans.We started over, and made our life here.

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Sorry to read of your husband's difficulties. If possible you may want to seek out other opinions on what the best course of next treatment may be. Ultimately your husband has to decide what and when to proceed. These are not easy decisions and I wish you both the best in moving forward.  

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Tell your husband not to be afried of the surgery. Find a good Dr. This is a commond surgery these days. I had mine removed in Nov. 2011 and I am doing fine now. Just had to learn a different way of eatting. Robley

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Hi Iam new to this and have level 4 stomach cancer. I am Australiand and living in Asia. Suppoert is limited and so I am trying to fin a chat line to learn from others experiances and also ask questions of my own. Can you help

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A year ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer stage 4 . Befror my Diagnosis,  I traveled Asia for 10 years on business trips; one year lived in Korea.

In Asia H pylori is very common, also known to cause stomach Cancer.  I was told by my Doctor that in Asia, mostly Korea, Japan and China have the highest number of Stomach cancer in world. If you do complain of stomach pain or heartburn, Doctors in these countries promptly will check you for stomach cancer. Unfortunatly, in US stomach cancer is # 7 killer and  is concidered low priority. US Doctors seldom check  for stomach cancer  when  complaining of pain or heartburn, they just treated with pain medication. Long lasting heartburn is conisdered one of the syptoms to cause stomach cancer, there are many opinions of how stomach cancers developes. Doctors/ scientist agree that is very hard to detect. Also I was told that in Asia are very agressive of Stomach cancer treatment; they remove full stomach no question ask. In Usa they try to save it some all if they can. Good luck. I am scheduled next week for partial stomach removal. The doctor told me he may have to remove the full stomach if the cancer spread to full stomach.  although they have gave me 6 months, I refused full stomach removal.

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I have just joined, and was diagnosed in Janueary this year. I have completed 4 56 hour sessions of chemo which has reduced my level 4 tumours at this early stage.

I have taken on one natural cure which you can do a search on and that is Asparagus juice, We cook the sparagus then blend it and drain the juice.


Directions 4 Table spoons in the morning and 4 Tablespoons in the eveing cold,warm or hot. I keep mine in the fridge and make about 5 days worh at a time.

Rgards for now

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