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Good news ... Ct scan was clear

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I h admay appointment with my dr today and my ct scan came out pretty clean..  I have a couple of lesions on my kidneys and liver looks good.  I have just 2 more Folfox treatments to go...the dr is lowering myoxaliplatinagain.  The neuropathy is pretty bad...he is also prescribing a drutoo help  with the neuropathy.  Ihope everyone has a merry Christmas.



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Congratulations!!  happy Holidays!!


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That is great news.  Have a very Merry Christmas.


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Joined: Feb 2012

I hope things continue to go well for you!


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Alex - that is great! Only 2 treatments to go, you can do it. I just finished #12 last week. The neuropathy is a pain, especially the fingers. Merry Christmas!

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This is great news!  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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Wonderful news. Merry Christmas.


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Thanks for sharing it with us.  Hugs and hopes for more good scans in the new year~Ann Alexandria

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I have one tx of oxalaplatin left, and my neuropathy has not been bad except for my feet, which are tingly/numb 24/7 now.  The hands are not bad except for cold and that only lasts a week or so after a treatment.  My local onc offered to take me off oxy last treatment, but I said no, as I want to take all 12 and be as aggressive with this cancer as possible.  I might even consider taking more oxy if the oncs agree, as I can take the numb feet, and I feel almost obligated to take it as long as it is working.  I guess I can always come back to it later if needed....



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thanks for sharing it.




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Congrats on your scan results.  I just thought I would let you know that my mom has started reflexology for her neurapothy. Reflexology is different from massage. It is deep tissue.  It has really made her feel better.

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So happy for you.  I'm late in responding but know you had a great Christmas!

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I hope that the results of the scan gave you a boost and that you had a wonderful Christmas.

Wishing you better health in the new year and many many more Christmases.


Marie who loves kitties

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Congratulations!  Happy Holidays!

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great news! congrats!!!



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