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Chronology problem

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Just found out that the new posts go before the older ones so that will make it harder to follow what is being posted on a question or really figure out what who is saying.

The thread I realized it on was OP'd on Dec 22 at 2:23 pm. If you go to that thread now the chronology that is shown is after the OP -
Dec 23 2:21am
Dec 23 9:01am
Dec 22 8:46 pm
8:16 pm
7:42 pm
7:22 pm
7:21 pm
4:22 pm
6:15 pm
6:17 pm
10:14 pm
11:07 pm

I can understand that in the scientific/business 'world' the most current post superceeds previous posts but this is not those 'worlds' - here it is women and men who are dealing with life issues. All of us here are not 'computer nerds', we are all pople who have/are dealing with cancer. It needs to be a 'user friendly' site!

It may be just me - I want to see the first replies first - then scroll down to see the more recent.

Wanikiya tonpi wowiyuskin


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Wow susan you are sooo right. I sorta sensed something was off in the posting order. But you nailed it. Before the re do of the board it was the reverse, which makes logical sense to follow a discussion

Another fail, for the so called upgrade :-)

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I totally agree. When there is a "conversation" going on in the posting, we would need to start reading from the bottom up in order to see the conversation in order.
I told Greta either in a private email or on a post somewhere that it is obvious that this new site was not reviewed by people who use it regularly or these problems would have been caught.
Reading postings is going to be a real pain now. Then add in the people that don't reply to the orginal poster but someone who already posted and whose posts will be out of order anyway (it was like that in the old CSN as well), it is going to be very confusing. Why in a forum like this would one put the newest posts on top and the oldest on the bottom? IT JUST DOESN'T WORK ON A FORUM LIKE THIS.

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You asked "Why in a forum like this would one put the newest posts on top and the oldest on the bottom? "

Because whoever was hired to do the programming and technical updates to this site, is either not qualified, is not overseen by someone, or is someones kid, just doing it as a volunteer to learn how to do stuff. Any of the above, makes it a sad state of affairs for us that need and rely on this forum for support and help :(

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Thanks for replying, but my question was for the administrators of the site.

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