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Can't Reply

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I'm not able to reply to any posts. Anybody else having issues?

Type my reply, and press submit, and it takes me back to the preview box with the info I typed and my reply never shows up.


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Same with me, unless it's been fixed now and this reply appears!

Well, thank goodness for that, and pics too. In hope, T.

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Joined: Nov 2011

Apparently it worked fine in prototype (on the development site). Greta is understandably mortified but says the dev team are working through the weekend and seem confident that they'll get on top of it.

Must say, my Wife told me yesterday (as an expert computer software architect herself) that it would likely be just a matter of a few tweaks. She hadn't seen it, but her understanding of these matters obviously led her to believe I was being prematurely despondent.

Greta is compiling a list of shortcomings to give to the developers to address. There are sufficient numbers of aficionados on CSN to spot all the problems quickly and some major ones have already been solved, it appears.

Mike wasn't alone on the forums to wryly observe that the Mayan calendar prognostications looked to have been borne out on CSN! However, maybe by next week we'll all be thrilled by a splendid new version. Let's hope so - CSN is far too valuable an amenity in all our lives for us to be able to do without it!

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