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The Upgrade is Coming!

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Not sure if anyone noticed Greta's post, there was one also on the CSN Home Page...

The Upgrade is Coming!
The Cancer Survivors Network is being upgraded. The site will be down from Thursday, December 20 at 9 pm Eastern Time until 9 am Eastern Time Friday. The upgrade will improve functionality and provide a few enhancements. Be sure to come by Friday to check it out!

There should be a few other things to benefit those that are a little HTML challenged.

The ability to change font size and color...

Possibly even emoticons...

And the biggie, site functionality, and accessible.

With any upgrade, there might be a few trial and errors, but hopefully they'll be minimal...


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you the man....

thanks for the update, this will be exciting and will be a nice Christmas present for everyone.


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If I did the upgrade, I could guarantee you would have a lot more problems. Rick.

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Love the site and I am anxious to see the upgrades, but no matter, thank you to all behind the scenes that allow us to share our experiences and stories....truly you are appreciated.



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Joined: Sep 2009

I'm merely the messenger from an email that I got earlier today...

But I do talk on occasion to Greta and have we have had lunch together before.

She's an awesome lady and CSN is her baby for sure...

Her, and the rest of her posse' in Atlanta are all good people and working to improve the site.


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You are no slouch yourself. Always linking and superthreading and good stuff to know, you are alright.


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I can't wait to see it! Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

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Thanks for the notice John. You are truly a blessing with your constant help on this forum in so many ways.

Can't wait for Emoticons...if they're coming. Boy the expressions that could be used from time to time could give us some laughs!

Merry Christmas & God Bless to ALL!


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Unfortunately reality is adding new members at record pace. But the good news also is so many on here are also loading up this site with good news of survivorship.

Sad to see new people have to find us, but even more excited to welcome you all here to a site that only the members can relate to.

This is where you can be you and we all get it!!

Merry Christmas


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