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Urethra Problem 9 days post treatment

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Hello everyone,
It's me again. Gigi with another problem post treatment. I've started to heal and things aren't stinging like they have. And I'm not near as red. But...

I've noticed during self exams that I've not been able to identify my urethra. I thought it was because of the swelling but today with some swelling gone, I was able to find it. It has slipped down, right inside the top of my vaginal canal. I've noticed a pulling feeling there but thought that was normal. I'm assuming something is pulling it in there..not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this? My doctor is out until Monday too. sigh

Thank you

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Hi. I can't be much help on this. First of all, I never looked.....lol. Secondly, I really have no idea what the urethra looks like or feels like. Can't explain my lack of curiosity about this. Are you having unusual pain or lack of function?

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Well it's where I pee from. The urethra is the tube urine flows through from the bladder until it exits via the little opening about halfway between the clitorus and vagina. If thats what you were saying..not sure. Anyway, it's almost like the vaginal canal expanded and now I pee from right inside the top of my vagina. I don't think it's a fistula cause its not a new opening. It's the same urethra just now inside. It's really weird. It's very uncomfortable because it feels like its being pulled inside. I'm wondering if its some sort of scar tissue forming or if I'm swollen on the inside enough to be stretching everything. I don't know.

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Perhaps you should bring this up with your doctors. It could very well be scar tissue interference here. They need to know. I hope it's nothing serious.

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I saw the chief radiologist on Friday. He assured me that my problem is nothing to be overly concerned about. Apparently the swelling has my skin pulled tight and that area is just where it pulled the most.

Thanks for your thoughts

God bless

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Hi Gigi,
I want to let you know I have been following your treatment and am so proud of you! CONGRATULATIONS!!
I have been very busy with the holdiays and I continue to work. and have been so so tired that by the time i get home
I am on the couch!
My major issue is my women parts as well----do you have any "tips" for me? I have 7 more radTX to go!


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