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I saw my Oncologist earlier today, and he validated what I had already heard. No visible signs of any tumors from the CT scan. He also thinks that since the large tumors melted away, he is confident that the tiny ones in my nodes in Mediastynum are most likely gone also. Due to the severe side effects from the 5FU, he is ceasing the 96 hr. infusions. He is confident it is either the Carboplatin and or the Erbitux that is responsible for the tumors being destroyed. So the plan is as long as the study drugs are working, I will continue on the study and also remain on a once weekly dose of Erbitux for as long as it keeps working. He said I am one of a few who have gone from tumors the size of acorns to nothing in 12 weeks.

I am blessed with this news, and pray for the same result with all of my CSN friends / warriors.



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Time to carry on. Glad you are off the 5FU.


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Tonsil Dad
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Congratulations Mike , now that is the kind of
news we all want to hear from you. May you continue to
improve daily and finally rid yourself of this beast.

God bless
Tonsil Dad,


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Wonderful news to take into the New year with you. Enjoy the holidays and remember, life is too short not to believe in Santa!


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Great news! Hang in there Mike, sending the special Christmas Mojo your way!


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Wow, what a blessing. Very happy for you indeed.
Candi is right, you gotta believe.


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Very cool indeed!!


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Wonderful news !!! Enjoy the upcoming holiday seasons and New Year.


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Wonderful news !!! Enjoy the upcoming holiday seasons and New Year.


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That you got to here all the good news again with the Onco follow up (wonderful news is good for a second time around, don't ya think?)....and...you get to get rid of the pump...gawd what a relief it is to know that 5FU is out of your life!

Well, this time it's your turn to put on the dancing shoes...and take a spin around the kitchen.


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Still catching up on your journey but this sounds like great news, so Yeah!

From all the comments it appears 5FU is like saying FU five times. LOL

Mrs. Sarge
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So glad to hear some more good news from you. It actually cheers my heart and lifts my spirits when I hear good news on this forum. It's good for us all! You go guy!

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Glad to hear your news Mike. Please continue to keep the faith and stay positive that you will continue to do well. You're doing great.

I will continue to keep you and the rest of our H & N warriors in my prayers. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

God Bless Us All,


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That is truly wonderful!!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!



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