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Hi all, I had my surgery late October, doctor at Penn State Hershey was really good, this was a 1cm nodule. A needle biopsy was inconclusive. I opted for the surgery as opposed to wait and see. The nodule was in the upper left lobe. Doctor removed it with vats, said he got good clear margins. It was adenoid something stage 1. However the day after I had Atrial Fibrillation and was hit with an electric paddle I had a follow up Xray the third week in November and met with doctor. He said everything looks fine, the following story was a nightmare. Upon release from Hershey they left the catheter in as I have a history of having a hard time urination problem when anesthesia and narcotics are in my body. I was told to see my urologist 5 days later to get it out. I felt I had a urinary tract infection because of the urine in my bag and the pain. Went to urologist who said he would take it out a week later and inspect my bladder and that I did not have an infection, no testing mind and did not take a look at the bag. I left, this was on a Thursday, Friday I was running a fever of 101. I could not take the pain anymore and had a friend who is an RN take it out she said that I definitely had a urinary tract infection, the next day I was shivering violently My wife called an ambulance and I was taken to the local hospital. I was now running a fever of 102. In the ER they took blood etc and a nurse came to put a catheter in. She had no idea what to do, no numbing and it hurt like hell she did not get it in and blood was spurting out. Doctor came and said they were admitting me as I had a severe urinary tract infection ans an equally serious blood infection. Took me to a room where the came in and inserted the catheter the right way, that evening I was running a temp of 103.5. I was in the hospital for 10 days due to non stop bleeding. Am still having side effects from the medicine they gave me in Hershey. Denis

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So sorry you had to go through this. Thanks for the reminder that we need to kick and scream and stamp our feet until the doctors listen to us. After all, we have been living in these bodies and know when something is wrong. It sucks that you had to go through the ER to get someone to listen.

Is it possible that the onco said that the type of cancer is adenocarcinoma? So they did a resection then rather than removing the lobe (lobectomy)? So glad that they listened to you when you told them you wanted the surgery. Stage one is considered cureable and my wish for you is that is what happens.

After reading this I am going to ask anyone who wants to place a cath in me how many times they have done it.

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Yes Denny he said it was adenocarcinoma and was not related to my throat cancer in 2009. I still cannot urinate easily and still am a little affected by the amiodarone. Lost 13 lbs as I could not eat for two weeks. It;s going back up now but it was a nightmare, he just did a resection and used the vats procedure. Denis

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I am so sorry this trip was so darn rocky....unexcusable ! Yes we all need to be proactive on our care...and not always surrender into what one doctor is telling us to be doctrine. But you were so terribly ill.....not cool on what happened...not cool at all ! Katie

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