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Hi! I have been reading this board for awhile, and just recently joined. I have posted a couple of comments, but thought perhaps an introduction was in order!

I just finished one year of chemotherapy with taxotere and carboplatin (I was allergic to taxol), for stage 3 grade 3 endometrial cancer. We didn't expect it to take a whole year, but that is what it took to get into remission. I am concerned about an increased SUV in one lymph node after the final treatment, but at least it had shrunk, and the biopsy came back negative.

My doctor recommended a book to me, back when I was first diagnosed, called "Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life", by David Servan-Schreiber, and it sounds like some of you ladies have also read this one. I made major changes to my diet and lifestyle, and as a result, have lost a great deal of weight in the past year, as well. (Much needed weight loss!). I am currently trying a totally plant-based diet, and am also beginning to juice vegetables. I have been to see an Integrative Oncologist, and wil be incorporating some of his supplement and alternative recommendations, as well.

I have been trying to learn to meditate, and do some visualization, but I need to do a lot more in this area.

I spent the past year reading perhaps 40 books on various cancer recovery topics. I hope some of the information helps me to stay well, but as I said, I am pretty concerned, because it took a whole year to get a remission, and then that one lymph node lit up last time.

I am happy to have found a group with so many others trying complementary and dietary practices!

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Hi plant lady. I look forward to becoming acquainted with you. My dx was UPSC and I finished chemo in Aug and brachytherapy in Oct. Like you, I am doing my best to live a healthier lifestyle. No matter how it turns out, I feel good now. This site is so supportive and educational.. Every day I am grateful to Linda P. for starting it. She has left a wonderful legacy.

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I appreciate hearing from you!

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Welcome to the group that no one should have to join! The book you mention is like a bible to some of us on this board! I think it is an extremely well written book with lots of sound dietary advice. I try to follow much of it but frequently fall off the wagon!

I have quite a long history of fighting this particular cancer beast. I won't bore you with the details, but I am now on my third recurrence, having previously had surgery (twice) radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I am now receiving hormone treatment (letrozole) which seems to be holding it at bay at the moment. No one is really able to explain why my cancer (low grade and with a 7 year remission before the first recurrence) should be so persistent, but I guess there's no point wasting effort in the "why me" way of thinking. Much better to put all our efforts into positive thinking about staying healthy.

With kindest wishes

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Thanks for your reply! I really appreciate hearing from someone who has been able to beat this back again and again! It gives a lot of encouragement to others! Thank you!

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Hello Plantlady,

I too found this book helpful, and what he says seems to make good sense to me.  I appreciate that he advocates nutrition AND other lifestyle changes. 

May your immune system continue to strengthen and your lymph nodes return to healthy condition.


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