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Pet scan-liver mets to lymph nodes

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Tomorrow I have a pet scan. After 4 chemo treatments before 2 surgeries and four after I have 2 new small liver mets and a lung nodule grew.
Scan was clean in August so at least I had 3 months of strengthening and an appetite!
The question I have: Is there a strong possibility of mets in the lymph nodes?
I did not have any mets in nodes with either surgeries.
I guess anything is possible.
Trying to keep myself from imagining all the scenarios.
Do results take long? I cant remember but my oncologist's nurse said it would be a few days for results.
Thank you for any help.

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Your results should be ready in a day or 2 tops...

Where I go, they have a system called My Chart...you create your profile and then you can have your test results and stuff released to you...and you can read them from the comfort of anywhere you have an internet connection.

Email, test results, schedule or cancel appts.....it's a pretty good app...I like to interpret my stuff before I get to the doctor.

If you don't have this where you go, you could still ask to have your results faxed to you if you had that...or they might could email them with a password or something.

That's if you wanted to look...it is available for the patient to have...just ask them what methodology they have available.

If they don't have My Chart...ask them to get it:)

Puts more power in our hands.

You know I can't predict the future for any of us...so, it's hard to know what the expectation levels should be from your treatment so far.

This is one time where you have to wait for "The Big Reveal."

I'm just hoping it is wrapped nicely with a great big ol' red bow around it - so you can stuff it under your tree for the holidays:)

Best(est) Luck!!!


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I am a big chicken to read it. However, I ran into my lung surgeon and he had seen my cat scan and was kind enough to discuss this brief finding. Lung nodule may be in difficult area (radiate may be option) and liver lesion that regrew at old site and other could be a surgical challenge.
Was nice of him to even discuss that much....
I did get CD 's of my last CT 's etc and a script for Ativan....ugh -just in case I need for sleeping.
My exhusband and son went with me. Was so glad to have their support. The emotional piece of this is hard to handle. Trying to get my kids to come to caregivers support group. It's overdue....
Going to head to work. Probably the best thing. I really want to work as much as I can with all the unknowns.
Thank you for letting me release once again.

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Hi, Just a caution in regard to Ativan - it made my Rick hallucinate pretty bad. You might want to only take half a pill a hour before you go to bed to see how you react to it.

Take care,

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Sorry to hear about the new tumors. I have been feeling very good since my last CT scan in September, but have decided to put off my next scans until after Christmas just in case they aren't as good as I hope. No surgeries, just FOLFOX + Avastin chemo for me (12 tx total of % FU and oxy + 10 tx of Avastin).


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Tedd :
Sending good vibes and a good scan for you! I understand holding it off...
I may hear back from my oncologist this week.
Its all so challenging and trying to balance some normalcy.
Are you being treated at Northwestern? That's where I am.
Which treatment are you on (NUMBER)?
Are you working? I feel very good and my appetite has returned....
Glad you feel well :-)

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I'm getting my chemo treatments locally, but with consultation from Northwestern. I get my CT scans and most of my other procedures (biliary drain followed by stent) at Northwestern. I am seeing Dr. Nimeiri at the Robert Lurie Cancer Center, and she (and her PA Tanya) have been fantastic about answering questions and taking care of anything I need. I live in Kalamazoo, MI so it's about a 2.5 hour drive to Northwestern, which would be too much for chemo treatments, IMHO. Thankfully, my insurance covers all my costs at NW, including travel costs and even hotels as they consider it a cancer center of excellence. I was planning to see Dr. Nimeiri even before I found out about the insurance, as one of my best friends dad was getting treated at NW by Dr. Nimeiri very successfully. This was after he went to Mayo and was told to get his affairs in order and enjoy what time he had left (they predicted 6 months, and that was over 3 years ago).

I'm be getting treatment number 11 of FOLFOX (first two were partial doses) and treatment 9 of Avastin next week. I am currently working full-time and have actually gained back 12 pounds since getting the stent placed. I had lost a total of ~45 pounds from diagnosis to my lowest weight after surgery. They did a loop colostomy w/out removing the original tumor, or really any tumors other than some from my omentum (layer over the organs) for biopsy.


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