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Joint pain

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Anyone else deal with joint pain when it's cold.

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Boy...I sure do! Knees's, shoulders and ankles...the cold weather really does a number on me. I have 2 long heating pads that I use when sitting in my recliner. One is for my shoulders and back and the other I use on my knee's and ankles. I also like to run the tub full of warm/hot water and just soak...wish I had a garden tub or one with jet's...ohhhh how nice that would be! Hope your joint pain gets better. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Last 2 times I'm totally drained and I wake from a nap my knees feel like they are being drilled. Have to take codein then I'm ok. Been doing the soaking but I think I'll get heating pads

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I suggest getting 2 pads...12"x24". Walgreens has their own brand and they run around $18 to $20. With it being Christmas you might call them and see if they will be running any sales on their heating pads. I would be lost without mine and use them daily. My knees always hurt after sleeping or napping, so I stand up slowly and get them moving before I take off walking. It's a bummer for sure. Good luck. Sue

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Going to try that. Thanks.

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I have recently had some issues with my shoulders.
I've had pain, less range of motion. I sometimes have
problems taking off my jacket or reaching up into high
cabinets in the kitchen.

Also, removing lids from medicine bottles and jars (mayo lover
here) is occasionally difficult. Now, shortly after I finished
chemo, I had some weakness but that has gotten better but the
pain and difficulty is fairly recent. I've never had these
problems before.

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced joint problems
several months after chemo. My treatment was R-EPOCH (6 cycles).

I hope you feel better soon.


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Im reading that it all might be related to DECADRON. Last night was my last dose and i have been sooooo tired. But reading other google searches DECA can do the joint pain. Hope it goes away soon and I get my taste buds back

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Yes, my right hip hurts so bad. If I roll over onto that side it will wake me up. Also just starting having bad indigestion during the night. I am on 20mg of Prilosec per Dr. order. Finished my chemo in October.

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I'm a long-term survivor of Stage 4 T-cell lymphoma (since 2004), but joint pain has been an unfortunate aftermath. After considerable pain in joints (especially wrists, elbows, and shoulders) and swelling in hands after any strenuous activities, I was diagnosed with either Inflammatory Osteo-Arthritis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis. The arthritis specialist said it really did not matter which it was since treatment would be the same.

After several months of a regime of daily B-vitamin injections, and numerous other prescribed drugs- even including a concoction of ground-up morphine tablets in cold cream, none of it seemed to really help. I should also add that, again unfortunately, the only allergy I have is to NSAIDS, which knocks out about 98% for what is typically prescribed for arthritis and inflammation. My oncologist denied any connection between chemo and arthritis, by my GP thought there was a definite connection. If not a direct connection, then at least that the arthritis was brought on much earlier because of the chemo...who really knows- it is reality.

But there is some good news to all of this. Through the dogged efforts of my loving and devoted wife, she found a supplement that actually works. It's called Zyphlamend (or something like that). I'm not selling it, or even suggesting that it will necessarily work the same for you, but it has done more for my inflammation than anything else we've found. With it at least, periods of severe pain following intense activity are much shorter. Again, I hesitate to mention it, because I don't want anyone to think I'm hocking it- but with my allergy, the choices are pretty limited, and this really helps. At the very least, you might want to look into anti-inflammatory supplements.

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I love my heating pad.  I sit in bed after 8 or 9 every night with it on my back. ( a lot of the time my back doesn't even hurt). I just have gotten so use to it:)  I also take Tart Cherry juice from the health food store.  It has made all the difference.  My shoulders and hips use to  hurt the most.  I hope this helps  .  I heard about the Tart Cherry juice on Dr. Oz.

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Next to fatigue, my biggest complaint is leg and shoulder pain. I am developing effusions in both knees and my shoulders really hurt at night, sometimes so bad it keeps me awake all night. Seems much worse when it is cold or the weather changes. Tonight it is forecast to get down to about 15F.  Other than pain meds which I try to avoid, the only thing that really works for me is hot baths. I have had 3 today and am considering #4 before I go to bed! I do plan to buy some heating pads tomorrow. Good luck!Cool

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Hi All,

Oh boy am I sad but relieved to see these posts.  I thought I was the only one!  I've always been very active and now when I do yoga, workout, walk or run- I can barely move the next morning!  It's different than the usual aches you get from a good workout!  I use the heated pool and hot tub at my gym and my heating pad.  There have been nights when it hurts so bad I have to take a pain pill (non -narcotic Tramadol (sp)  )  to get comfortable.  I had mentioned it a while back to my onc and was told there was not connection to chemo.   I see her on Tuesday and will discuss it again.  Of COURSE it's the chemo.  Makes perfect sense to me. 


So with my heating pad ready I'm going to keep doing what I love and just hope I can tolerate the discomfort!  I hope you all find relief.



miss maggie
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Since having a bone marrow biopsy in Oct 2009, my right hip hasn't been the same. It has gotten so bad, I am having surgery on my right hip March 12. It has been so cold in New York. I haven't gone out as much as I would like. The cold, and the cold wind makes it impossible.

Sue is right, a heating pad does help so much.  Maggie

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So glad I found this site, 1st day.  Thought I was going crazy.  Why on earth won't doctors tell patients who have gone through R-CHOP that the pain they are experiencing is natural.  Now that I see all these postings, I'm not as concerned as I have been this past yr.  I've had severe degenerative disc disease (throughout my spine) and CHOP made it worse (Oncovin especially numbs you out!)  My hips are killing me when lying on my right side especially, and different parts of my body are completely numb when sleeping (or lying around watching tv, hands can go completely numb when resting head on my pillow with elbow bent - takes 30 secs. and hand is numb)

 Diagnosed Feb. 2008, was in remission TILL RECENT, mid-Nov. 2012, honestly, we're still waiting for more test results. I felt (at 1st a pea-size node), but then 2 lymph nodes were enlarged in right groin. Going thru the whole process again, only this time, have consulted with 2 prominent oncologists this past wk. They are having a problem with my biopsy results (3 different pathologists have reviewed the slides and still, undetermined - called a "complicated case".  Said these suspicious cells (areas lit up on Pet/CT Scan, but small nodes in chest, spleen, right groin, and colon; while last time large mass on left kidney and such.)  Waiting for 2 pathologists to re-examine tissue to identify if Diffuse B - Non-Hodgkins. Either it's a "strange immune reaction" (I'd like to know how it happened first of all where it started in my body).  that possibly can be treated with Prednisone (what I was told), or will have to do stem-cell if cancer returned. 

In the meantime, trying to deal with this pain throughout my body.  IT"S NATURAL EVERYONE - FORGET THE NERVE CONDUCTION TESTS, SPECIALTY DOCTORS; YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY WASTE YOUR MONEY (that's only my opinion, but if it would help relieve your fear, do what you think is necessary)  And, would like to say that those Neulasta shots (used to boost your immune system -white cells when going thru chemo) was the worst pain I ever experienced. Felt like a continual "charlie horse" throughout my entire right leg.   Wasn't told I would have bone pain, nor did the oncologist office explain this is natural - they even sent me for an MRI to see if there was a blood clot! Fianally research Neulasta on the web and also read about it in the Cancer Society's book.  Prayers go out to all of you precious souls!

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 My prayers go out to you too! I so hope this is something prednisone will take care of for you. I am always amazed how fast the doctors boo hoo  chemo causing us pain after treatment is finished. My Onc doesn't like to admit that the Rituxan could be causing my joint pain...instead he likes to refer to my age as the culprit...62 is NOT old!  Hang in there offspring and please share back what you find out. Much love...Sue


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