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I've been 'graduated'....

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Only once a year appointments now with the doctor!!! She was emoting over my labs, my scans....EVERYTHING....she said "You know, for a person who has never had cancer, you are healthy...but for you, after 2....WOW! this is fantastic!"


Hugs, Kathi

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Nice!! Dance, sing, or beat drums, you have a lot to celebrate tonight! I'm so happy for you, way to go. :)


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That is great news. I have always seen recovery in this business as a process through which cancer and it's associated paraphernalia take up less space iN your life. Seeing docs, doing scans, going for reviews etc is all part of the cancer and as that diminishes it leaves space for you to relate it with 'life' that has nothing to do with cancer. That for me is recovery.

Celebrate it.


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The only thing better than this report is all the ones yet to come for the next 50 or 60 years!

Add my cheers to all those being given for your news from around the world.


Marie who loves kitties

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More time for life.

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Great News, Celebrate, Enjoy!!!

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Enjoy the dancing Kathi!!! Dancing right along with you in your joy!!!! What beautiful words to hear!!
Winter Marie

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Terrific news! Hope you celebrate with abandon this weekend. I can't wait until I "graduate"!! Hugs.

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Woo Hoo and Congrats!

That is good news Kathi! We all need to hear good news and celebrate with our friends. We will dance here for you too!

Best Always, mike

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That's fantastic news Kathi! You must be so happy. I love your new pic! Very stylish!


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Kathi, Great News and a happy dance seems in order. You are where I would like to be!! Art

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That is great news. You deserve a year off. You've been through a lot and it sounds like your doctor is very pleased.


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Awesome!! Keep it up!! Kim

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That is great news!! I"m still at the six month cycle with my oncologist.

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Big sigh of releaf for you.


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I would dance with you my dear. I'm glad Kath ,your life has taken a few big dips but It has never touched your spirit. It has been a privledge to be your friend on these boards,,,Ron.

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is this?? Happy dance this morning!


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I wish the same for all of you...

"It's not what you are left with, but what you DO with what you are left with, that makes all the difference"....

(my new mantra)

Hugs, Kathi

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That is exactly right..
tell us what you having been doing to gain such success..

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That's outstanding matriculation!

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this is the type news we love to hear about! congrats!!!

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