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Biopsy Tomorrow

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My lung (needle) biopsy is tomorrow. Compared to what I've been thru, compared to what my wife and caregiver has been thru, compared to what David is going thru, the biopsy should be a piece of cake. Nevertheless, my anxiety level is high and going up. Both my wife and I will have a tough time sleeping tonight. We will get the few hours we need.

I am usually quite knocked out after any procedure. So, don't expect to hear from me until sometime late Tuesday. I may surprise all of us by posting earlier.

Almost forgot to remind you: I'm getting surgical anesthesia. Unusual. It's because of my coughing fits and my myoclonic jerks. Sometimes a malady begets some benefit. Rick.

josh r.
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Hi Rick,
I know that this is a nerve racking time and our prayers go out to you.
Keep the Faith, josh r.

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Well let’s say it is a stressful piece of cake. I don’t know how complicated a needle biopsy of the lung is, but I imagine you will be waking up about the time you go to sleep. As much as I hate being put under I always opt for it, I am too squeamish to observe.

Here’s hoping the results are good and you get some good rest. I will await your next post,



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knock me out...PLEASE!! I've never wanted to be an "active" particpant in any procedure, thank you very much.

Of course your anxiety is high...there's the procedure, there's the outcome...there's the 'what now's"...all hanging out there.

Sending out a ton of positive thoughts and prayers, your way Rick...as our good friend Kent says...BELIEVE!!!


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Are with you Rick....

Hoping for a peaceful biopsy, and some news that will offer hope and positive out come.

Best my friend,

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I hope and will be praying that the anxiety is for not, my best to you and yours,


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Pam M
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So - you'll be knocked out before and after the procedure? Hoping for some good news.

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No Biopsy Today; Radiology's CT is broken. Rescheduled for Wed. So I get to have another anxious night. (Not that bad really.) Luckily we got the phone call before we left for the hospital. (The hospital is a little more than an hour away.) Rick.

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Good luck with your biopsy and sorry you had to wait another day. I hate the waiting part. Try to enjoy today and be at peace. I will say a prayer for you


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Are with you today Rick......

Kick Azz,

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Rick, just no I am in your corner. I am hoping you and your caregiver get good news concerning the up coming biopsy. We all could use some good news around here.

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God luck and hope all turns out for the best.

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Tonsil Dad
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Praying all goes well Rick, hope the outcome
is what we are all praying for.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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are with you, and prayers for a negative outcome

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I see that you were going for a lung biopsy. We went through that right before they scheduled my husband's surgery. A spot on his lung had shown up on a PET scan in July and the spot had grown on the PET he had in October. Docs did not want to operate on tongue until they knew what they were dealing with in his lungs. The waiting after the biopsy was truly the hardest part, but it came back as some strange fungus that is common in the area where we live (Ohio). I hope and pray that you have the same results. Not that I want you to have a fungus! But a fungus is much better news! Take care

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today, Rick....will be keeping you in my thoughts.


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