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Cholangiocarcinoma Stage 4 battle - Taking a chance

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It's already 4 weeks since the malignant tumor was discovered inside my husband's liver and lungs, and still, we couldn't start treatment.
I'm screaming out for help from doctors: they all look at us with this 'I'm sorry' look that leaves nothing but a miserable lump in the throat and my husband in pain.
Even his close family members look at this as a brief life that is about to end ... but me and my husband look at it differently: it's a phase that will go away - or at least we try and look at it like that.
With doctors and hospitals and knowledge websites giving only bad news, I'm looking here for some hope: 2% chance isn't very small, and he's only 44 and quite athletic! We're now looking for a brave doctor willing to take that 2% chance and start Chemo and we take it from there.
I looked for survivors and thank God found some great hope here. But as soon as the pain hits, I lose all that faith and darkness looms.
Where do you get your strength from? How do you cope? What should I do to keep myself and my husband from falling prey to helplessness and hopelessness?
One trick is to stop reading too much and looking too much at statistics: ok, done that and promised myself never to go that route again.

Any other advise?

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I read another mans blog here from 2004 talking about this treatment IPTL.  Here is a link to Dr's that do this treament.  It sounds interesting and hopefully it works. We are looking into it for our friedn that is 45 and was just diagnosed. Inoperable and all over the liver. PET scan coming next week to see if it is anywhere else.  Please read up on this.  Thoughts and prayers are with you!


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Thanks for this link. I am going to bring the info to my oncologist and continue investigating it. Diagnosed in 2010, I have cholangial carcinoma, bile duct cancer, spread now to vertebrae. I am on chemo forever. Anybody else check this out??

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