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follow up - to CT Scan

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As some of you know I had a very good 3+ month, post-surgery, CT Scan & Blood Work this past week.

The one issue I have never asked herein, does anyone think I need a 2nd opinion on the pathology, which I never did receive, nor was it ever recommended by my original Dr. ?

The reason I ask the question - I have spoken to a few other Dr's about treating me moving forward and all of them have said they would like the 'slides' from my hospital to have their Path Dept. take a look. Thanks.

Path Report: July 2012

5.0cm Tumor - Right Kidney
Stage 1
Grade 1
Clear Margins
No Renal

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M, it's understandable that prospective new docs would want to see your slides but I can't imagine why you'd need to second-guess your path report, although what "No renal" signifies escapes me.

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"No Renal" =

Renal Vein Margin - Clear
Renal Artery Margin - Clear

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Almost all Drs. prefer to see things themselves. They prefer to see their own scans and path results when they can. Pretty standard.