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2b T4 N0 M0 anyone else have same ?? Newbie's wife looking for info:)

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My husband at age 51 was recently diagnosed with this ..had re-section at moffitt and now meeting with team of doctors for care plan 2maro..
Anyone had same?
What chemo plan worked or is working and what can we expect to go thru in up coming months??
We both are self employees ( outside of home)
Any information from person(s) with same diagnosis would be really helpful:)
He is 11B-T4-N0-M0

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I had T3NOMO stage 2a. I had to do chemo for 4 months. I had rectal cancer a little bit different than colon as far as treatment goes. I had to do 5 1/2 weeks of radiation then wait 6 weeks for surgery then I did the 4 months of chemo which included nasty oxaliplatin. It wasn't easy for me but I survived and I'm here almost 3 years later from diagnosis. Good Luck! You will be fine!

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It's so great to read all the positive stories on this board~
I am also learning a lot about these different chemos... It is my husband who has the cancer but I am going to care for him and he isn't into these chat boards so I am happy they are out here for us to gather info:)))
Thank you for responding:)))

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Sorry to hear about your husband.
I was dx rectal cancer t4n0m0, did surgery and 6 month folfox post op, it reoccured a year post op.
I am into survival, so anything that helps me is good and I have tried lots of interesting Therapies.

This challenge is an ultra marathon from my experience, enjoying each day peacefully and without stress I believe essential.
Goodluck and post your questions.

No one chooses this path, but as life dictates our challenges and the colorectal path is a big challenge.
It's the life we got, so we might as well seek the good in each day.

Ps if your religious substitute God for good above

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First off~ Namaste'
All gods are one with me:))
I am sorry for your path also~ and I no all too well we do not choose this~ have lost 2 sisters & my mom to BC in past 4 yrs:((
I know a lot about BC...but the colon C is a whole new ball game..I am hearing this T4 thing is the monster?? I am glad for any and all advise:)

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sorry to hear about the losses, BC or CRC well both are still cancer and so simply our mortality is threatened. then the question is to what extent ?

a suggestion is to get your medical advice and ask lots of questions, get second opinions if it suits. i got 3 opinions. yes lots of things to learn about crc and make slow and considered decisions. its tempting to rush at first. but this race really is an ultra marathon.

so slow and steady won the race, maybe it applies to crc. I hope so. my goal is to be slow and steady and focused.

now is crc a monster ? for some maybe!
but not for me!
it simply gives the cancer way too much power using that description, who wants to be afraid of cancer?
heck you could spend most of your energy being scared.
its only my approach, but the cancer is just another aspect of life, albiet a challenging aspect. but for me it brings increased awareness, enjoyment and an intensity to life i did not have before.

if anything cancer to me is just like an itch i cannot scratch, not a monster.

my research of late has been in psyco oncology, a strong and loving relationship is a very good prognostic indicator according to my reading. your husband is lucky to have you, I would focus of loving him well day by day and the treatment will sort itself out.


ps http://medicdebate.s702.sureserver.com/?q=node/867
this link is from my very alternative and excellent danish doctor, maybe don't read it if you prefer conservative western medical opinions. i seek to minimise stress for myself and others.

pps asking lots of challenging questions to doctors is fun. goodluck!

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I really admire your whole approach to your cancer. Every now and then I will read a post or someone will say something that really helps me to cope with my husbands illness. I find this post of yours to be quite helpful. Your words have helped me put a positive spin on our situation. I appreciate the way you almost seem to embrace your cancer and have fun with it. (I realize you must have your difficult days. I don't mean to offend you by making light of your illness). I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your healthy attitude towards your cancer and I will try to follow your lead.

Good luck with your treatment. Thanks for sharing your experience with us all.


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all we can live is today, in my heart its really just this breathe.
breathe it well and smile my dear friend, your kind words i treasure.
when we share our hope, our support we effectively raise our strength as a community.
we are all on amazing journeys, and we share the best and the worst here.

my qigong master yang said I needed to cultivate a sense of lightness and peace. so i try to do this!

ultimately I am cured of the terror of 'the" cancer when I have a spiritual approach to my life that helps me "sing my song"


ps maybe one key message for nembies or for us all is treatment experiences shared here can give hope but that simply a life without love is no life at all. "you can get it here. you can get it anywhere, you just have to seek love to find it"

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Hi, sorry you need to be here but welcome. First I feel a little confused by the abbreviations- I assume BC is bowel cancer and crc is colorectal cancer which are in fact the same thing. Rectal is treated a bit differently the colon cancer but otherwise is pretty much the same beast and bowel is simply another term for both colon and rectum together (but then I may have misunrztood the abbreviations- lol!)

Anyway I was similarly staged at my first presentation eight years back with a few nodes involved. I was before oxaliplatin was used as standard chemo so had just a drug called 5fu after my operation. I was clear for seven years but have had a recurrence. Your husbands staging of cancer is very beatable. It is likely he will be offered a chemo regime that goes on over some months that is aimed at killing of any residual cancer cells and improving his chances of staying clear of recurrence.

At this point you also will undoubtably also be learning of other things people do to improve their chances of long term cure and find the right way to approach this illness for you. Some make major lifestyle and dietary changes or use complementary medicines along side or instead of the standard treatments. Some choose to do less or approach it differently. It is important you find an approach that is right for yourself and your husband. There is a lot of info out there and on this site to help.

Do ask any more specific questions you have about the next stages as there is huge e pertinence and knowledg here. I hope that things go well and you find the help you are looking for here,


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