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Mike..just read your post on traci's question and read on your about me page that your wife was just diagnosed with cancer too. Crap! I'm sorry to hear what you are both going through.
Stay positive and good luck to you both!

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I caught that too...absolute best of luck, Mike...I hope some of that mountain air can do the trick this time. I'm sorry to hear about your wife as well. Always a fear of mine as it's just me and her...so when one falls, it's tough...but both, I don't know...

Will hope for as much good news as you can tell us.


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Mike, so sorry, I'm just checking in. The weird thing is when my hubby and I got married in our 20's we came home from our honeymoon, hubby didn't feel well after 2 days at home....ended up with a perforated colon somehow, was really sick and had surgeries for 2 years before things got better....now 30 years later we're dealing with my colon cancer. He's been fine ever since. Now, my 24 year old last week standing in shorts I noticed his one leg swollen, what the heck, tell the kid to go have it looked at, he states injury from playing ball. Me, Mom says no not normal, looks like a blood clot to me, I've been there done that, that's how they found my cancer!!! Went and had it checked finally, yep, blood clots to lung and leg, he's been on lovenox and coumadin, now reduced to just coumadin because his INR is where they want it, doc's appt's today to start to investigate why this happened. I'm nervous as all get out!!! Doc's are saying it's quite common for young people to get blood clots, doesn't ease my mind AT ALL!!!!

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Good luck with the up-coming surgery. I'll be thinking of you on Friday. Please up-date us as soon as you're feeling well enough.

All the best,


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I have Surgery on my Colon Thursday at Banner in Phoenix. It is part of MD Anderson and it is a beautiful facility. Laurie can stay with me, and has a facility of B of A close by she can visit to make additional business allies.

I will have the Laptop and as soon as I am not stoned I will let everyone know I am am kicking again. lol

I have 2 mets in my chest, (We are hoping for them to be granualomas, one tested as a granualoma.) I have a met in my left hip, He said he should be able to feel the density between a cyst and a tumor. Else I will have a second surgery on Sunday or Monday. At the original surgical site, I have Signet Ring Cell again. Boooo

I am positive. I will get the Dogs out for a long mtn. walk tomorrow. I have two couples that are going to watch the fuzzy children while we are in Phoenix. We have two invitations for places to stay for Laurie. I met the CEO of AIM Products, and they generously invited Laurie to stay at their house. We are overwhelmed by their offer. We do not sell their products, nor endorse them, it was a chance meeting and they are genuine to us. Very humbling.

Best Always, mike

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surgery to go good! good luck!

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So sorry, I didn't realize you had upcoming surgery scheduled. Will be thinking of you on Thursday. Hoping your wife can find a good team also. I know this must be very hard.



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Best wishes and more for your upcoming procedure.

Great to hear all the positive things that have happened to help you through this.

With your great attitude, I am sure you will do well.

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i hope all goes well and you are back with your furry friends asap.


ps a few prayers coming over your way from germany

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HI All! Thanks Again fir all of the well wishes! Your support means a lot to me.

I had the surgery, it ended up more of a discovery then a cancer removal. My one known tumor was mid size on the outside of the colon. I have many surface mets all over the bladder, intestine, and colon. Several biopsies were preformed and my Surgeon and Oncology team are going to work out a plan.

The good news is I am moving around. There is an Oncology conference in 2 weeks where my team of docs are going to show my pics(I hope I was not blinking in them.) to get other opinions. We will call Dr. Lowe at UCSD when I get home and set up an appointment. I am most likely a good prospect for HIPEC. I will ramp up my juicing and exercise.

Best Always, mike

PS forgive my spelling I am still loopy.

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So happy that you made it out of surgery okay. I have done tons of research on HIPEC (my husband had in in April). Sounds like you would be a good candidate. Seems like you have a good team of doctors that will come up with the best treatment plan. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that will be back home soon. All my best to your wife, as well.


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Thank all again! I am getting GOMERed! (Get out of My ER - also used for other areas of the hospital. Then recover at home with my wife and dogs.)

It will be nice to be at home and recover with my wife and dogs. My wife spent our entire visit on the pull out Recliner Chair/Bed. She is a real trooper, and I am very lucky. Our dogs are being taken care of by two of our neighbors. One runs them in the morning and the other brings them over and has them run around their place most of the day.

We are making mental plans for how crazy the dogs are going to be when we get home. We spend a lot time with our dogs. We work at home and the dogs go with us when we travel. They are pretty spoiled.

We are also looking forward to a quiet evening with a nice fir, hot tea, while staring into the forest.

Best Always, mike

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Glad that you made it through your discovery but sorry to hear that it's on other organs, but hopefully those doctors can put their heads together and they can come up with a great plan with you. Sorry to hear about your wife as well and hoping that all goes well for her.


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You sound like you are in good spirits! Enjoy your night with the furbabies :)

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