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MD Anderson GyN/ONC -Please share your ONC Name if you have been treated at MD.

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New mets all through pelvis, abdomen & liver, Looking for 2nd opinion and the best GYN/ONC in MD Anderson &/or Houston area. I can't even express how sick I've been, bu not ready to giv up yet. I've missed you all!

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I just want to say a bunch of bad words but I won't. Stay tough and good luck on your quest for the second opinion.

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I'm sooo sorry. You have been on my mind so much. I don't know what to say - just so glad you are not giving up and good to get second opinion.

Please keep us posted - we care about you. Take heart, friend. My prayers are with you big time. Hugs, Mary Ann

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Debrajo is treated at MD Anderson. She is pretty active on the boards and I am sure she will respond to your question soon.

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Hi Bonnie,
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with mets. I'm treated at MDA and my gynonc is Dr. Michael Frumovitz. He's a very good doc, but I think his focus is not really endometrial cancer. You might see if Dr. Karen Lu will see you. She's considered one of the best in the field.


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Bonnie, I am at MD Anderson. My dr. is Dr. Schmeler. I think Dr. Lu is head of department. You can reach me on the CSN email or at debraj856@gmail.com Also, 409-786-2819 Where are you at? Best, Debrajo

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Double Whammy
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So sorry to hear what you've been going through. I hope you can get that second opinion and begin a new treatment protocol soon.

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My doctor at MD Anderson is Dr. Charles Levenbach. I have very pleased with my treatment there. Hope it goes well for you. Thinking of you.

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Hope you have been sick mentally only with your news. Hope you are not sick with symptoms. I too have been wondering how you have been doing. Good luck with your second opinion. Glad you are not ready to give up. Keep fighting. Sending you big cyber hugs. In peace and caring.

Cindy Bear
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It's great that you've posted but Hate hearing this news. Hoping you feel better soon.
Big hugs,

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So good to see your face once more. Not the news any of us wish to hear, but keep the faith and never give up. Who ever said life would be easy...gee!!


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So sorry Bonnie. I am in the UK, so can't help with recommendations for good gyn/oncs. But please know that I am hoping and praying that you have a new treatment plan in place soon. Recurrence is hard to take - I know - I'm on my third! But,as the other ladies say, please keep fighting.
Thinking of you

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Bonnie I'm sorry to hear your news but inspired by your fighting spirit. Know that many people are praying for you.

Liz in Dallas

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I am being treated by Dr. Alpa Nick at MDACC, and love her. Stay strong!

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I am been treated at MDA by Dr Levenbach as well and have been very pleased with the care. Hoping that you are able to get a treatment plan in place with a doctor that works effectively with you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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