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Biopsy and colonoscopy

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This might have been addressed in the past but how soon after a biopsy is it safe to schedule a Colonoscopy? I have a Colonoscopy scheduled two weeks after my biopsy?

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There is no time limits for a colonoscopy done after a biopsy. If at uneasy you could call to inquire with your urologist who did the biopsy or the gastro that will perform the colonoscopy.

The test is easy but it may cause pain if done without anesthesia. Hopefully you have already recovered from the biopsy which may also cause pain. An interval of two weeks seems find to me.

Hope for good results.


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Was your prostate biopsy (bx) transrectal or transperineal? If transrectal, you do not indicate if the scheduled colonoscopy 2 wks post bx is routine and prophylactic or is due to symptoms you’re experiencing that may be rectal/colon related. If your prostate bx was transrectal and the scheduled colonoscopy is routine, my lay opinion is to wait a minimum of 8-12 weeks after prostate biopsy for the mere fact that the rectal wall may be swollen, inflamed and/or there may be benign blood residue from the prostate bx. 8-12 weeks time should be sufficient for any benign inflammation and residue to subside. The only way to know the “best” answer or how soon after YOUR prostate bx a routine colonoscopy should be scheduled is to consult with BOTH your surgical urologist and your gastroenterologist for their expert recommendations.

Best of luck as you go forward.

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The colonoscopy is a good thing to follow thru on. I had a visit the other day with the VA doctor and he indicated that it was necessary in my case. I have done research on this and there seems to be a common link here. I spoke to my Gp and they also indicated that I need the exam, due to PC. Now I am not trained person in the medical field, but I do respect input from my doctors. The way I feel right now is that any cancer screening in my case is necessary. I have mine scheduled on Monday and am now starting to prepare for this. My advice is to follow thru.


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I finished up radiation on 10/03/2012 and i had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy on 10/29/2012
the only thing is to remind your G I doctor that you had radiation and not to take any biopsy in the rectal area.
I told my GI doctor in the operating room before he put cme under and had no problem it was a breeze

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