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Gynecological Cancer Retreat

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I had the pleasure of attending a ground breaking retreat this past weekend for suvivors of gynecological cancers, primarily ovarian. 22 cancer survivors attended, at various stages in their journey. We spent so much time sharing experiences and bonding. We ate delicious food aimed at health. One of the suvivors is my naturopath (diagnosed with stage IV ovarian 21 years ago), with whom I have been a patient for almost 3 years, and she explained to us how cancer starts and what keeps it going. In a nutshell, it is a metabolic malfunction in some of our cells, fueled by sugar, estrogen, and cortisol. The information was enlightening and added to the massive education I have obtained from this woman and supplemental reading I've done along the way. I now see the causes of cancer, the role of the body's environment (a function of our diet and lifestyle), how to effectively monitor cancerous activity, and how to keep it under control. Her information and techniques are not mainstream but are a culmination of 20 years of treating cancer patients, her own personal journey, various conferences she has attended, and endless research. Each new patient left with a treatment plan to either aid in the prevention of recurrance, or support them through chemo and get their bodies healhty so they can stay that way after conventional treatment. Those of us who attended have a much better grasp of cancer and a vastly reduced fear of the disease.

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Thank you for sharing your experience at the ground breaking retreat. Sounds like it was a wonderful and educational weekend for you all. How inspiring to read that your naturopath is a 21-year stage IV survivor.


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Thanks for sharing all your valuable info! Have you ever considered writing a cookbook ?

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I can't outdo the ones that have already been written. I love the book "Paleo Comfort Foods," as my naturopath recommends some form of the Paleo diet to all of her cancer patients. I am working on a memoire, however, that will share much of what I've learned over the last 3+ years. :)

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