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PET Scan and other stuff

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I'll be going in for my quarterly PET Scan on Thursday morning. I really cannot wait to hear the results in light of some recent developments. Over the past six weeks, my CEA has jumped from 218 to 404 then dropped to 402 before jumping again to 444 last week. My alkaline phosphotates have also been pretty high above the maximum range and that's a measure of liver function. Then, on this past Saturday I started having a sharp pain in my right side, just about where the elbow touches the side. On Sunday, it was bad enough that I went to the ER where they did a CT scan and x-rays. The ER doc's opinion was "accelerated metastatic growth" and advised me to contact my onc, then sent me on home

Yesterday morning, I called the clinic and later the onc confirmed that there was some growth in the liver tumors of a few centimeters but not to be worried about it. Unfortunately, when they called back, I was pretty out of things and my sister took the message, so I'm not positive that it was "centimeters" of growth. If I'd spoken to them, I would have voiced m thought that "a few centimeters" is a pretty big deal and something to worry about, especially if it's causing pain. I've got a call in to talk directly with the onc and I'll let him know that I want a call as soon as he reads the report and not make me wait to see him on Tuesday.

So, for now I'm just loading up my metaphorical guns and getting ready to step out into the street at high noon for a showdown with this latest spurt of cancer growth. Good thing Ia fast draw and excellent shot!

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I am so sorry to hear about your ER visit. I wish, hope, pray that the doctor has better news for you. I hope you are not in any pain today....Thursday is just 1 1/2 days away. Hopefully you will get answers from your dr and not have to wait till Tuesday's appointment.


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Sorry to hear it may be on the rampage again. I have a few extra rounds if you need them or better yet, you be Doc and I'll be your pal Wyatt. Meet you at the corral.

Luv Ya,


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Go get 'em Doc.
PS thanks for adding me as a friend.

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Thanks for letting us know this Doc. Sorry. It has been rough lately. Hope that turns around soon.

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Thanks, Cindy, I'll do just that. glad to have you as a friend.

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I am sorry to hear you are in pain... i hope you get the answers you need.. it is horrible to live with an unknown..
I hope and pray you feel better soon.

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The pain in my side is still pretty constant but bearable. If I move wrong, belch, breath in deep or anything like that it's real bad. I'm hoping that I don't have to wait until Tuesday when I see the onc for the PET results. I did just (as I was writing the above) get a call back and the onc wanted to assure me that the liver tumors were not the cause of the pain. He has ordered a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis to see what all is going on.

Wolfen, I'm a much better shot than Doc Holladay was. Even with a scatter gun at close range, he got lucky at the big shoot out.

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Glad that you got that call, but sorry that you are still in pain.

Will you be getting the CT scans instead of the PET you were expecting to get Thursday?

Just out of curiosity...what did they scan at the ER if not the abdomen?

You might also want them to check your gall bladder since it is in the same vacinity as the pain you mention. Just FYI is a site which lists some of the symptoms beyond the pain... http://www.gallbladderdetox.com/gall-bladder-symptoms

Whatever it turns out to be, sure do hope they have a ready answer to help you past this and on to feeling better soonest.


Marie who loves kitties

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One thing that I had to learn a long time ago was how to live with pain. Knowing what aggravates it makes it easier to reduce how much you have to experience. I'll still be getting the PET scan on Thursday and then the CT on Friday. The worst of that will be the NPO period prior to the scans. At the ER I'm thinking there were focused more on the lower thorax. The gall bladder and even possibility of kidney stones were discussed, then ruled out.

I will keep all y'all updated on what the doc has to say.

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Gosh I hope your pain gets better, seems like you have had enough crap lately. You need to do what I did when I had my CT last month, I wanted results that day and I just called and called, I guess they got sick of hearing from me and finally called me back with the results. I told onc I wasn't going to wait. I think these docs don't even understand a cancer pt. Luckily we Have each other that can relate. Good luck with your results.
Sandy :)

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Waiting is so hard....just curious if you got any answers from your onc. today. Is there nothing like RFA that could be done on your liver mets?

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Thanks, Sandy. My onc is going to call me when he gets the reports and they have images of the CT scan from Sunday for me and will provide more images from both scans when I go in next Tuesday.

No, unless a doc has experienced what we go through they just can't understand us. As I pointed out to my onc, I have a doctorate in astrophysics and can talk for hours on the distance between stars but lightyears means nothing because I've never experienced it. Our oncs can talk intellectually about cancer but not at the gut level unless they've been there. Having people on this board allows us to relate to people who know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night, rushing for the bathroom to throw up and not making it on time. Those of us who have never met each other can still understand each other.

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Sorry you are going through all this and you are in so much pain. I'm hoping that they can find out what is causing the pain and you can get some relief. Glad you are a fast draw.


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I was very relieved today when the onc said that it wasn't the liver causing it. Of course, not knowing the source creates it's own worries. But, I know I can't change it and have learned how to live with pain so will just make do until we know. Just as an aside, the thought had occurred to me that I may have injured myself during a nightmare. I put that aside considering it came on suddenly during the middle of the day.

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I'm really sorry to hear this, Doc. I hope they can get on top of this and knock it back down. I don't think I'd be thrilled with a few centimeters of growth, either, but since they said not to be worried, maybe that wasn't an accurate translation. Hope that's the case. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday, sending a little strength your way. Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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After talking with the nurse today, it wasn't centimeters at all. That's what happens when you get info fourth hand! The growth, if any, was extremely minor. Thanks for the strength!

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Hey Doc,
So sorry you are in pain, neat to hear you're a better shot than Doc Holiday. How'd know that?
Prayers being sent for you.

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History shows that Doc Holladay was a pretty poor shot. When I was in the Air Force I earned marksman medals in both small arms and the M-16. In the early 80s, my base put in one of those ranges where you shoot blanks at a movie screen. After finished qualifying (every six months), the range master would let us do quick draws. I was always able to draw and fire two shoots in about 0.5 seconds with the second on being a killing shot. For some reason, the first one always hit my "victim" in the groin.

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Putting the dragon on the ground for a kill shot is still a kill shot. lol Put the Cancer Dragon down and keep up the good humor!

Best Always, mike

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I read your post about the Onc's belief that the tumors were not the problem. If my Onc told me that a couple of centimeters (a little over 2 centimeters is an inch) is not a problem all my "Spidey senses" would be on high alert. Good luck with your metaphorical hunting trip!!!

Hang in there Doc...we are sending prayers, hugs and swinging chickens!!!

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I was pretty agitated when my sis said it had only grown by centimeters. That's what prompted me to call the onc today.

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to you, Doc. I grew up in Dodge City and I've got your back. Dan

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i am so sorry to hear about this new situation. i have a good onc because i do not have to have an appt to find out any of my test results. i get a phone call usually the same day. you are right abt how the medical profession does not realize how we want results asap. i hope the news you get is better than what you are thinking about. good luck on your scans. sending you lots of hugs & prayers! hang in there! oh if you ever enter a shooting event i will back you with big bucks!!!

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Although with all this on your mind I dont really see how you could. Hopefully no nightmares. Will be watching for your posts to see how you are doing. Hope you can feel the tug of all these people pulling for you, me included. Its obvious they care about you and each other.

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