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I am praying for all the ladies and their family up on the East Coast & that everyone is afe from Sandy. trisha

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I was just about to post something similar and you beat me to it Trisha! Hoping and praying all the East Coast ladies and their families are OK.
Kindest wishes

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By Sandy. I pray everyone is safe. We have had lots of wind here in Florida, but nothing like they must be experiencing.
In peace and caring.

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I live in a suburb of Phila., PA (Delaware County) and the Hurricane did hit our are as I live on the East Coast.

We had wind gusts of 68 mph. However, by God's good wishes, our family did not lose electricity and our home is fine and for that my family is so very thankful and grateful. All the homes in our development (which are twins) our electricity is underground and there are NO overhead wires - I truly believe that is why we did not lose electricity like so many others did in our County because most of the other homes have overhead wires and I did see on the news that 86,000 people in our County did lose electricity, however, we were very fortunate not to lose it. My husband's company where he works did lose power yesterday (Tuesday), plus there were no phones either and he works about 40 minutes from our home. However, his company had power today (Wednesday) so he went back to work. He was also off on Monday since we had a lot of rain. The Hurricane hit us on Monday evening.

Our home is okay as well. We do have a piece of siding that is loose, but it will be fixed over the weekend, but other than that my family and I are all doing okay.

I do know that the Jersey shore area (a few towns were very badly hit like Atlantic City, Ocean City and Sea Isle City and a couple of other resorts had a lot of destruction (we live about 2 ours from these shore points) In Seaside Heights, the roller coaster that was on the boardwalk was in the ocean due to the strong Hurricane's force. That is just so sad.

Also, I did hear down the shore that some houses were off of their foundation and on the highway. It will take many months to rebuild. All of these families affected by this Hurricane are devastated and my prayers go out to them. I saw a lot of coverage on TV plus in our local newspaper.

I want to thank all of you for your good wishes and prayers regarding the Hurricane.
I also hope other women that are on this board and live on the East Coast have made it through the Hurricane and that they are doing as well as can be expected.


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