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Meditation Helps Stress, Pain, Attitude

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This is my first post. I am a one year survivor of breast cancer. When I had a rough time with treatment (I have autoimmune challenges), I wrote meditations daily and used them. They helped me with stress,pain, fear , and getting rid of any negative thoughts. I still use these meditations.
I published my guided imagery meditations in an EBook on Amazon.com. The book is called Relax, Reflect, Restore and Recover: Guided Imagery meditations for Women with Breast Cancer.
Take a look at the free preview sample meditations and more about me on my author page.

Is anyone using meditations to help relax??? What kind of meditations do you use?

I hope my meditations can help other women. I look forward to chatting with you.

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I have used all forms of integrated medicine...meditation being one of them. Good stuff!


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Alexis F
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I think meditation and yoga are both fantastic! I recommend them.


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I experienced the first of this 3 days ago in a group situation that was unannounced, and it felt strange and bizarre. I was so agitated and irritated afterwards I could not sleep. There is something about this that is deep and I can't quite put my finger on it. Wrong for me at least.

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I understand what you feel. Meditation requires silence, going inward to "listen" to your voice, breathing, and being still. This is difficult at first. Think of waves breaking on shore, then flowing out to see. Close your eyes and "hear" them. Let your breathing flow slowly in and out like the waves. Listen only to your breath and relax. Try this for only five minutes, then more another day. See how natural this relaxation can be.
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may come for those who are Christian because meditation seems to be a practice of eastern religion. However, I remember the preist saying in his sermons to meditate upon the scriptures. So that is where I started and is where I stay when I meditate. I often will put my self at the site of one of Jesus's miracles. It has worked very well for me. I do not know how to meditate any other way and probably will not investigate any other type of meditation practices.

Yes the silence can be uncomfortable at first, but given some practice you may decide it is for you. Keeping focussed on the miracle is a great practice for the mind.

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Meditation really helped me during and immediately post treatment. Jon Kabat Zinn was my go-to guy. I also used a meditation/relaxation tape narrated by a local nurse. I still practice yoga.

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That is when I wrote my meditations and used them the most. I still use the meditations from Relax, Reflect, Restore and Recover. I also am learning Qi Gong walking. This, like yoga, involves the breath and movement. It energizes me and is very meditative.

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Lynn Smith
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I went to a cancer meeting once.It hadn't been long since I was dx.The nurse there told us of mediatation.Told us how to do it and we did a short time of it then.OMG my body just relaxed beyond anything I imagined.I want to start this myself.I need some stress lifted from my body.

Lynn Smith

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I understand the type of stress you are describing. Take a look at the free prview meditations on Amazon.com under Relax, Reflect, Restore and Recover: Guided Imagery Meditations for Women with Breast Cancer. This is a new EBook I posted on Amazon.com

Meditation daily will lift some of that presure you feel. I wish you well.

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