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O.T. week later HONEST PERSON stepped up

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My daughter took her son to big fall festival last week. when she got home she discoverd her wallet missing. She went back , searched, asked, left # and nothing. Last night my door bell rang...stranger drove her wallet home with all her cards, checks and
CASH still there. (OF course she canceled everything-but so good to know honest people. I ran out (daughter not home) and gave him the cash ($23) towards gas (not much) and he was very thankful...I told him how much we appreciated it..(our house is way off road not like driving by our area)


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Most people are GOOD. What a wonderful ending to a stressful situation. God is good. And his followers are good too.


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I told my daughter still honest people around..she said NO...

MOM was right..(though she will never say that)


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Yes, Mom was right!

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There are a lot of honest and good people out there, and, this was certainly one. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Lynn Smith
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There are honest people.Glad this person brought the purse back. I don't see how the dishonest live with themselves by stealing.

There are honest people and sometimes when you are honest people can't believe it.Recently I got 2 extra orders of fries with a order.The next day went to tell them. At the drive thru I told the lady I needed to talk to her.When I got to the window 2 ladies were there. I guess they thought I had a major complaint.I told the one lady I want to pay for the extras.She said no bother.It was our mistake.As I was leaving I heard the lady say"In all my years working I've never had this happen".

Honesty is the best Policy!!!!!

Lynn Smith

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I once bought a DVD-prior to dr appt..after dr appt i looked in the bag..drove back to the store to PAY...or return...can't remember...which..

THEY were in shock...


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Love this! Thank you for posting it!

Hugs, Leeza

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One Sunday I was outside the Alano Club (a place where Alcoholics hold AA meetings). I found a church collection envelope. First of all I thought,"There is no way on God's green earth I am going to keep this money. It would be like stealing from God". Luckily the name of the church was on the outside of the envelope. I think it was ready for deposit in the bank or something. My second thought was this. "Gee whiz if the people at the church knew the deacon who lost the envelope had suffered for a drinking problem, and then all of a sudden he's lost a bunch of money, he'd be toast in the eyes of the church leadership. So when I got home I called the church and asked them to send someone over to get the envelope. They were there within 10 minutes. Whew! I wanted that money back to the right place for sure.

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