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Hi everyone,
I'm set to start Neupogen shots on Friday and I was just wondering for those of you who have done them, how bad are the aches and pains from it?

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I've been getting them for several cycles now with no real aches and pains. I only get 3 so hopefully 5 is not too different. Good luck shar I hope it goes smooth for you.

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That's good to know Aaron. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how I tolerate it. I've heard some say they had no effects, others have bone aches. I've already got my Tylenol extra strength ready to go!

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That's good to know Aaron. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how I tolerate it. I've heard some say they had no effects, others have bone aches. I've already got my Tylenol extra strength ready to go!

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Hey Shar,

I received Neulasta (one shot after each cycle). I did a little research
and the basic difference between the two is Neulasta has an ingredient that
makes the molecules larger and it stays in your system longer (why the one shot).
I think it's given in a higher dosage too. I definitely had
bone aches (kind of like the flu but a little worse for a few days).

From what I read, Neupogen is smaller dose (smaller molecules) and doesn't
stay in your system as long as Neulasta (thus the multiple shots). Also,
I saw comments where there were less issues with bone aches from Neupogen.

I've read in many places where people take claritin to prevent bone aches
from these medications.



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Thanks for the tip about the Claritin Jim. I will ask my onc about it.

hiccup (not verified)

Hey Shar,

I did Neulasta, and I did have the bone pains. They were very odd, and mostly came from my lower back.. like that area where they stick you for a bone marrow biopsy. The pains came and went from time to time, like blinking turn signals stuck to my back.. I just sat fairly still during the pains and it seemed to help me.

After the first shot, the pains did lessen. I too have heard Claritin may help :)

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I had neulasta only once. And I felt like I got run over by a truck. It felt like a very, very bad case of the flu. Skipped work one day, and went to work 2 other days when the only place for me was home in bed! The next time the doc told me that I needed a neulasta shot, I said, "NOPE!" Once was enough. And since my counts had come back up a little, it wasn't as critical.

But as you've been hearing, it's different for everyone, so let's hope you will escape the worse effects of it!

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tall floridian
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Shar: I was very fortunate to not have any symptoms with Neupogen. It work well as did Procrit - to raise my blood count. Worst thing was when my blood count went down to 7 and blood transfusions at the hospital kept me alive. Now my count is up and not needing any more shots - thank God. God bless you - hugs - Steve

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Even if the side effects were more serious, I was staring death in the face within 2-3 months. That made it much easier. In any event, it does not last forever.

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Max Former Hodg...
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Neulasta kicked my but. My first injection hurt so severely that I had to eat Loritab like candy. But, I've had 18 fractures, which made me especially vulnerable to arthritic types of pain. The doc cut my subsequent doses in half, and things went smoothly thereafter, plus my counts were all good, even from the half-dose.

Best of luck with it. Thankfully, it is a 20 second encounter -- just a shot, normally given in the stomach muscle. Either that,or the RN wanted tosee my ripped abs !


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Hey Max,

I opted to self-inject. They showed me what to do and I inject into my thigh, alternating legs. I was good day 1-3. No aches at all! Then I got a flu shot on the morning of the 4th day and by about 1 pm, I could really feel it in my hips and pelvis. Did the 4th shot that night and by the next morning I was only feeling it a little bit. Didn't have any effect from the 5th shot. So I'm assuming that what happened was the flu shot kicked my white count production into overdrive.

I guess I'll find out next round! Even so, it wasn't horrendous and nothing that I couldn't keep under control with an X-strength Tylenol. But, then I started getting a fever from the flu shot so had to kick the Tylenol. Temp topped out at 100.4, but then went down so I didn't rush to the hospital.

It's all good now! Heading in for #8 of 12. Two thirds of the way tomorrow!!! Only four left after that!!!

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I was told to take extended release Claritin - one pill at a time, 12 hours apart, total of 3 pills prior (the last being on the day of the shot) and then 3 pills, 12 hours apart after the shot (so 6 pills, 3 days total).

Also don't get the neulasta until at least 24 hours (might be 48 hours, I forget now) after your last chemo.

First neulasta no claritin and I had plenty of pain - didn't know all the places in my body that made bone marrow like the breast bone!!. The other times I took the neulasta and only had mild pain day 4. It was such a wonderful switch. Mind you I still felt like crap from the chemo but at least I didn't have horrible bone pain on top of it.

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Went through many days of Neuprogen. There weren’t many aches or pain, but be carefuyl about rubbing the injection site especially if your platelets are low; you’ll easily bruise.

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