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STILL flogging a dead horse, vit d3 again, mainly for the newbies

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I know this is an altnerative news source, but its worth a read, gee we have discussed d3 here for years, I don't think its standard practice to be offered a top up by conventional onc's.

they say 10,000 a day keeps the mets away. well it did not work for me, so maybe it will work for you.


ps and get really good medical advice before doing any crazy therapies.
PPS its real expensive about $5 per year if you get the drops on iherb.

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My doc told me 5k-6k units a day. Others state they take it when the doc says it is low. My GP, and two Oncologists tell me to pump it up to at least 5k-6K units a day. I do 3K units in the morning and again in the evening.

I just started taking Barley. It is supposed to help one's immune system. It tastes like grass (duh), and hopefully helps my digestive tract back on track.

Best Always! mike

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My levels were low after going to my GP and telling me to take 1,000 IU a day but I'm up to 2,000 now. They do find studies that state that low D3 levels can bring cancer on. Didn't read your link but just throwing my 2 cents in.


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would n't it be nice to save someones butt literally.

its just some of us don't get the message, don't get informed.
it seems most who want really good d3 levels need 3k and above, thinks a function of our livers health that makes the active form we need and our genes, so some of us take d3 and pray for another day.

its preaching, but the simple things well d3 and some aspirin even, gee some exercise and of course a smile.


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On maintenance levels of oral chemo, my wife was still slightly insufficient at 12,000 iu of D3 per day. Patients need to monitor their vitamin D blood levels while on chemo and this is not yet a standard practice for many doctors.

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is required to keep me in the normal range (not even high normal). I'm under medical supervision, and this is my dosage.

Anything less than that, and my levels continued to drop.

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Nana b
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5000 and still low......

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pick a higher number, you might when a prize.
heaps of drugs upset the d3 conversion in the liver and kidney.
every cell in a body has vdr receptors, its essential to gcmaf, to so many of our bodies processes.


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I'm 25,000IU/day in a cream format to maintain optimum level of D3 while I'm on chemo. It never goes beyond what my Dr. wants.

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The last paragraph says it all.

"Taken together, our results show that vitamin D puts the brakes on cMYC function, suggesting that it may slow the progression of cells from premalignant to malignant states and keep their proliferation in check. We hope that our research will encourage people to maintain adequate vitamin D supplementation and will stimulate the development of large, well-controlled cancer chemoprevention trials to test the effects of adequate supplementation," said Dr. White.

I make sure my vit d is on the high side. Just read and make your own decision regarding vit d3 supplementation.


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