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Anybody Interested?:Plus-latest re;Avastin and aspirin

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"Theralase Photo Dynamic Compounds Destroy Cancer"

(just noticed this was first published back in January)

This is from one email i just rec'd; there's always something new out there,lots of sites posting research,etc.....

Latest on Avastin:medicalxpress.com/news/2012-10-protein-bowel-cancer-patients-benefit.html

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Wow, hope this is successful.....this hospital is 45 minutes from my home!!!! Thanks, I'm gonna show this to my onc. my next visit.

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nice coincidence.....hope all this stuff works,starting now!!!!!!

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Thanks a lot colocan! I too live very close to this facility. It is so hopeful to hear of this new progress being made, especially when it's close to home.


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(tho i've never heard of anyone here getting tested for the gene referred to,PIK3CA;-nor for BRAF,for that matter-and aspirin,upon further investigation,may not be the reason for better results as it could be the Tx alone)nevertheless,it might help some people.....

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about Chugai Pharmaceutical,which, "for the first time in the world" established "stable cell lines with the nature of colon cancer stem cells that are thought to be involved in the recurrence/metastasis of cancer", ....."by using a protein called LGR5 as a marker."

while the other day:world.einnews.com
had an item on success with SIR Spheres for inoperable CRC liver mets,.......(which is now posted at:

the report on aspirin and CRC originated at:nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1207756

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everyday something new is published from any and all corners of the planet pertaining to cancer in general and/or CRC specifically.......The intelligence,intensity,intent and initiative seems to be in ready supply but the financing seems to be lacking.....

PS:variations of this theme have been posted in newspapers throughout the us:
"Are cancer patients' hopes for chemo too high?"

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