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question about my recovery from Hysterectomy

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It has been 2 1/2 weeks from my total abdominal hysterectomy. I am still having some pain and very week and tired. Is this normal for this time out from surgery?

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It's absolutely normal. It will take at least six weeks for that to subside. Maybe even longer. Don't worry.


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Hi ptharp

I am 12 weeks out from my debulking hysterectomy and still feel tired most of the time. I continue to have pain, although it has lessened some in it's severity.

When I was 7 weeks out, I needed to receive blood transfusions because I was so weak and dizzy. You may want to get your blood counts checked in a week or so. But you are so newly in recovery I would not be concerned at all.

It takes time, and for some ladies it takes a long time. My onc said it could take a year to fully feel like myself again.

Take it slow, some days you will have more energy and then the next few days you may feel like you just had the surgery. An abdominal hysterectomy is a very big operation. Listen to your body and get lots of rest.

You are doing great! Hang in there. The ladies on this board are so wonderful and supportive. I know that I can turn to them at any time with any question and receive a helpful answer.

Big hugs

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What you're experiencing is very normal after major abdominal surgery, especially only two and a half weeks out. Take it nice and easy and don't lift anything heavy as you allow your body to recuperate.

Take care,


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