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need encouraging words to print for friend...

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Mags - thrilled to read your good news!
Alice - following your most recent journey
Craig,Pete, Doc, Pepe....everyone on this site is a comfort to us 'lurkers', of which I am one.
One of my best friends going into Sloan NY for liver resec (colon cancer - resec 12/2011, liver mets - 6/2012)....I'd love to print her out some encouraging words from the 'warriors'prior to surgery.
Her chemo (5 rounds folfox) shrank the tumors significantly (CEA at 4.1 2 weeks ago - from 68 prior to chemo)....anyway, whatever you can say, I'd appreciate.

Peace. Full steam ahead.


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I understand from Pat that you are facing a liver resection. You have done a great job with chemo and your CEA is lookin good.

Please remember that YOU CAN DO THIS!! if an old broad like me can do it.....you can do it.
I am a firm believer in the power of surgery to heal these liver mets....maybe a little more chemo or whatever it takes but you can do it.

Perhaps Pat will keep us in the loop so we can help with recovery from the surgery.....

keep fighting and keep the faith....

best of love and wishes....


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We are glad all went well with surgery! Woo Hooo Sending more good thoughts and prayers your way!

I think the most difficult part of the cancer journey is keeping up the good spirits. Get up and move around no matter how horrible you feel. I remember days where I just wanted to lay in bed. I got up and told myself I am just going to take the dogs for a walk around the block, because they were going crazy in the house. I would end up walking 2 miles and taking them to the park for a while. They always were happy and I was always happier after our walks. We still continue those walks today!

Sometimes the smell of food just makes one sick. I went the extra mile and taught myself to bake. I was around the smell of food and could nibble off and on when I felt good. I always had treats when people came over to visit, and I learned to bake. lol

Make every day count, and make it a positive day!
Best Always, mike

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Were she sitting here with me today, I would tell her first, that I'm sorry she has experienced a recurrence and has to go round again to fight this once more.

I would also tell her that recurrence is where some of the really tough cancer battles are fought and ultimately won or lost. Along with the physical side of more fighting is the emotional side of having to gear up and throw down again.

I've always felt that as cancer patients, that we should EXPECT to have a recurrence, because often times the fight is not won with the first swing. It can take a series of successive blows concurrently to get cancer runnin' the other direction.

It takes Time and Patience...in abundance...and in unity...to keep our heads together enough to allow our bodies to endure the things that we must do.

I would also say that being able to HAVE surgery is the #1 weapon she has going for her right now, besides her mind and her fighting spirit...that's a heavy duty triad...and if you've got those...well, then, you got what you need to engage in the battle and walk away from it once more.

Surgery, surgery, surgery...I'd take it 9 times out of 10...and twice on Sundays. If she needs follow-up or adjunvant therapies like radiation or chemo...I'd tell her to fire those bullets now.

The best time to get a 1/2 step on cancer is always in the early stages of the fight...I've been fortunate to have won my biggest battle of staying clear 15-months this past year...it was my 3rd time with cancer and one of the hardest, sustained periods of fighting that I've done.

So, at 8-years, you can tell her that last year I won my biggest battle late in the fight (8-yrs) and am still clear 15-months later...and counting...hoping too:)

That was after cancer 3x...it had gone to my liver and to my lungs...and after 4 major surgeries...58x radiation and 51x of chemotherapy, in all of the assorted flavor combinations.

Cancer tries to take away all that we are - and all that we ever hope to be...

But, as with any contested event in life, there will always be survivors who live to tell the tale of what they endured...

She will come out stronger in a different way than when she entered the arena...nature seems to have a way to know that if it takes away THIS - that it compensates and gives us THAT.

The secret to that mystery is that you just need to know where to look to find the changes...and I would tell her to look deep inside herself...alot of her answers and motivation will come from there...she has to spin those tumblers to unlock that combination...but once she does, she's going to find an inner strength and peace that will help her during those times of Doubt and Dread.

And lastly, tell her that I understand how it's hard to see to the end of the day when we're sick with cancer and it's treatments or recovery from surgery. It's hard to see the good...it's hard to live life to the fullest...it's just plain hard.

Cancer makes us lose our way when we can't see down the road, due to the fog that we find ourselves mired in...but if you can stay with it...the clouds do part and things can recover and we can move forward.

And I guess that's the key...hunker down and hold on during the fight...when it passes, put one foot in the other and walk as far as you can - while you can.

In the end, that's all that any of us can do.

And what we can do is tell her that and help her get along:)

Here's something for her to think on for awhile...

"Cancer is hard - but it's the Hard - that makes it Great."

It may take her awhile to get that one... but it simply means that she has cancer - and how she uses this chapter in her life, will help her be someone to someone else one day from the seeds of personal growth that she has planted in her cancer journey.

Please give her my best!


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Let her know you are there for her, she is strong, she will get through.
Do not let cancer be in charge - only give it the attention it needs to get well.
The sun always comes up in the morning!
Please keep us updated on her progress.

Also let her know my cancer "mentor" had stage IV CC with liver mets and had 70% of her liver resected........and that was 12 years ago!!!!!!

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I went there for my appendix cancer care, and found the staff to be extremely helpful and caring.

My appendix cancer journey was quite hellish - metastatic mucinous adenocarcinoma of the Appendix. Sloan has the experts that can handle the rare and not-so-rare cancers, at the forefront of care. Yes, my treatment was incredibly difficult, my surgeries were no picnics, but today (aside from the unrelated blip I'm going through right now) I'm very healthy. Sloan gave me back my life.

It won't be easy. However, there is another side, and suddenly you look back, and realize you've gotten through something that you couldn't imagine you'd be able to do, even in your wildest dreams. Take it one day at a time, and ask questions. Also ask friends for help and support, and never feel guilty about needing it. You're there for others, let them be there for you.

Wishing you the best,

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It's obvious that you have a dear and special friend in Pat. Let that friendship lend you comfort and strength in your upcoming surgery and the recovery process after that. I am not eligible for liver resection surgery, so I can never know the anxiety which you must feel. I will send prayers and thoughts of well being your way. When you can, please come to the board and let us know how you're progressing.

My God Bless and watch over you.


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I've been going to Sloan since Feb 2004 and have been under the care of Dr. Kemeny.
Last week I met a 79 year old man who's vp been under her care since May, 2004.
I met a woman who has been under her care over 10 years and clear over 5 years.
All of us were/are Stage IV Colon Cancer
I've been seeing many of the same people at SK in the 8 1/2 years I've been going there.

They must be doing something right!
In my opinion, nothing beats a great medical team...
Stage IV Colon Cancer
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Living With Cancer

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I have had 3 liver resections over the course of 6 years. The last of which was the entire right lobe which is a out 65% of my liver. I have never had any complications and my liver is fully regenerated again and fuctioning like a percectly normal liver.

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