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Is it normal to take 6 weeks to get test results

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got blood drawn almost 3 weeks ago and still no results on the t cell gene rearangement test. anyone else taken this long to get results, was told it might take 6 weeks to come back

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Hi AZ :),

I don't have experience with this but I googled some info.
It says test results should be available within 8-10 days.
Below is link and a partial paste about the test.



Info on Test

T-Cell Gene Rearrangements by PCR

Test Type

Blood, Bone Marrow, or Tissue


Reasons for testing

Your doctor may request T-cell Gene Rearrangement by PCR testing to:
determine a diagnosis of lymphoma
monitor the progress of treatment of lymphoma
measure minimal residual disease (MRD), which can predict the likelihood of recurrence


Testing for...

The T-cell Gene Rearrangement by PCR test can detect genetic abnormalities called monoclonal T-cell populations within your blood, bone marrow and other body fluid and tissue cells. The presence or spread of these abnormalities can indicate the presence or spread of lymphoma.


How the test works

Your doctor will perform either a bone marrow biopsy or tissue biopsy, or take a sample of blood, for testing. Your doctor will then send the specimens to a laboratory for analysis.

Note: The T-cell Gene Rearrangement by PCR test is also known as the T-cell Receptor (TCR) Gene Rearrangement test.

Test results will be available to your doctor within 8 to 10 days.

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Jim's info makes sense. Six weeks is ridiculous, and I cannot believe it.

Scientists do carbon 14-dating of ancient artifacts faster than that ! I would be making some angry phone calls if I were you.

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What do you want to bet if it was their family member the results would be the very next day. John

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4-6 weeks is often how long it takes for genetic testing.

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Hi go to your home page and to to in box sent you a PM my email wishing you a great night

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Yes usually

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