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NPC spread to liver

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Hello! My mom was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) back in March of this year. After completing her treatment, her pet scan showed a mass in the liver. A biopsy confirmed that the mass was cancerous. We were told by the doctor that the cancer metastasis to the liver was uncommon for her type of cancer. We are all very concerned, and would like to know if anybody has been in a similar situation, and how their treatment plan was. The current treatment as of now is to try to control the cancer, and prevent it from spreading through chemotheraphy. If anyone has any information, it would be happily appreciated.

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I'm sorry I do not have that experience, but wanted to let you know I whispered a prayer things will go well and treatments will do the job ..

..someone will be along shortly I am sure.



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My H&N has a "high probability" of having metastasized to the lungs. So your mom and I are in similar boats. My oncologist also said that chemo will be used to slow the cancer; but the cancer will ultimately win. I believe the thinking is that with metastases, the cancer cells are being carried widely by the blood or lymphatic system. They are no longer in one neat spot to be treated with surgery or radiation. Bad luck for both of us. We can only play the hand we were dealt.

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I am praying for both of you. It's strange how when it is treated in the beginning they use radiation to kill the cancer. So, since its SCC in the lungs why can't radiation to the tumor in the lungs/chest be used. I hate this cancer....my heart aches for all who fight this battle.


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Hey there !
I am always amazed at the strenghth I hear in peoples words...as I do in yours. Cancer dx's are different and can spread in the weirdest ways. But saying this are they sure of type ? Mine ACC does spread to lungs and liver....as do alot of others. (Histology tissue type is important to know for different treatments and trials out there) Talk with your Mom's onc. about this...it sounds like they have a plan in place ? Mine also will never go away, and will eventually come back like a bad penny...but saying this it's important to keep beating it back, to keep the best quality of life we can get. I welcome you to our site, and many others will pop in with excellant advice ! Katie

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We just never know if we're cured or for how long, and your mom has been dealt a crappy hand. Hopefully, the docs can control it for a long time to come...that is my prayer for your mother. Also, there are trials out there the doc might want to look into....

Sending positive thoughts your way.


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I too am NPC had it three times, click on my name Hondo and it will bring you to my profile, there you can read up on me. NPC will first metastasis to the neck and from there to the lungs and other organs and bones. Please make sure you are treating with a doctor who knows how to treat people with NPC that was my first mistake. Get a second opinion and get it from one of the major cancer institution, not some small town doctor. Make prayer a daily part of your life, hang in there and keep posting.

God Bless

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Things have been a scramble lately. But my mom has finally started her chemo treatment yesterday, and so now, its just alot of waiting to see whether her body will accept the medication. hopefully it will, and the cancer will stop spreading. At this point, my family and I are just hoping for the best. We want to thank you all for your kind words. My mom has started to adapt a vegan diet, and we are hoping that there will be some benefits to that as well.

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If you don't mind me asking, how big was the tumor on her liver when they found it? My mom just had her first PET Scan after completing treatment, and they found a small spot on her liver. She is having a biopsy next Monday. I wish you and your mother well.

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I am so sorry to hear that the same thing is happening to your mom. It is tough to realize that the battle is just not over. The tumor size was found to be quite big, about 4cm. I hope that everything goes well for you and your mother. Stay strong !

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Hello to you all out there. My name is Steve and I came across this site by mistake, to be honest. But thnkfully my slip up hs led me to you guys. I am English but live in The Netherlands where this cancer is extremely rare. I have read all of the comments and my heart and prayers go out to you all and yes,  I am in the same boat as some of you. It has been 18 months since my treatment and now suddenly for the last few weeks, my mind is foggy, my memory is shot and and.....some of you know the story. I actually have spent all day reseaching this problem and apparently this is a common problem for this type of cancer; I just wish some so and so would have told me. As for "welou" comment, I would just like to tell you what my Doctor stated and I am sorry for bringing this up.. but I hope this may help - anyway, the doctor stated, for reasons unknown, if this type of cancer continues in any shape of form, it seeems to spread from place to place (more than most other types of cancer) like the liver, kidneys, lungs etc.  I am so sory about your Mum, but sometimes it is better to know your fate and then you can fully enjoy the things that matter in life. I hope I havent overstepped the mark - that is my view anyway. 

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage IVc Nasopharyngeal Cancer with spread to the Lymph Nodes and both lobes of the Liver at diagnosis on Septembeer 7, 2010.  He had Chemo and Radiation which he completed 02/2011.  He is NED.  He has a PET/CT and MRI every 4 months.  We go to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. 

There are survivors of this terrible diagnosis.  Prayer and believing in God's promises have been an important part of our daily life.  I also completly believe getting treatment at a facility that has a lot of expierence in treating NPC, has made a difference for my husband.  God get's the say so in this deal!

Prayers for you and your Mom. 

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prayers your way...So sorry for the news.  Ann

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