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Cataract as promised

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Had my cataract removed yesterday and I would be a liar if I said I wasn't worried/stressed going in. Not for a fear of the surgery rather the thought of someone messing with my eyes gave me the heebie jeebies..I should have taken a Xanax :>). The entire process lasted less than 10 minutes and I can't believe the positive difference. I was tense looking into the light during the process (not at the end of a tunnel) and then suddenly it was like I was back in the 60's - the light show was great and psychadelic and I didn't have to take anything to see it. That was my way of coping.

It went great, no pain, today it feels like I have something in my eye but Dr says that will be gone in two days and in fact the sensation is already better, and I CAN SEE WITHOUT BLURRY VISION.


PS Getting my knee operated on again later this month and shoulder after that - 50,000 mile tune-up I guess.

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D Lewis
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Glad to hear the details. This makes me feel a lot better. I'm going to have to go in and git er done some time in the next six months or so. I have a couple of pre-existing medical conditions with my eyes that are going to complicate the process for me. Here's hoping my outcome is as good as yours.


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I was put to sleep when they did mine. Don't remember a thing. Did they give you lens implants or something else. The lens implants worked wonders for me. After wearing glasses starting around age forty, I no longer need them as long as it's not a dim light. I can read a phone book in the sunlight without glasses but if it's on the dimmer side inside the house, I slip on a pair of $1 readers I got at Dollar Tree.

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Yes I got the lens implants. Can't tell yet how much they helped but the blurred vision is 100% gone.

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I chuckled at your comment on the 50,000 mile tune up. Guessing we all at one time or another in need of this. I get cortizone shots in my knee's when needed...OA. I am so happy to hear your cataract surgery went so fantastic ! Katie

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Had mine done in July and August. Was put to sleep because I have a minor seizure-like condition (myoclonis), and the docs and I could not guarantee that I could remain motionless.

After cataract removal: everything was bright and the color spectrum shifted to the blue. I even call some leaves blue. I've adjusted my vocabulary. I went from 20/400 to 20/20. Obviously, I stopped driving when my vision was 20/400.

Another pleasant surprise you'll probably have: your vision will improve slightly over the next week. Not as big as on the day of the operation, but there was a little additional improvement over the following week or two. I think my vision was 20/30 on the day after the operation and improved to 20/20.

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