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Has anyone had a stitch show up years after your surgery?

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I have what looks like a stitch coming out. It's not on my lumpectomy incision, but, on another small one where I had my breast surgeon take out a lump 2 years ago that was bothering me as I was afraid it might be the bc back. 2 years? This seems bizarre. Anyone else have stitches start coming out years after your surgery? Or, am I just strange! lol


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It can happen. My brother had thyroid cancer and surgery when he was in his twenties. When he was in his thirties, lumps appeared in his neck and the physcians were very concerned that it might not be the "benign" type of thyroid cancer that they had originally diagnosed.

Long story short, the lumps turned out to be absorbable sutures that his body, instead of absorbing, encapulated. He is fine and now in his sixties.

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I had a couple of pieces of the so called 'absorbable' stitches come out. The last on was probably about 2 yrs post surgery. They were like a pimple and when they popped themselves the piece of suture was there. Surgeon and PA both said it's not unusual and we are all unique.

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I didn't know this could happen, so if it ever does for me, at least I will know that is normal. And Cynthia, 10 years later for your Brother? Wow! I guess all of these dissolveable stitches, don't always dissolve.

Interesting topic! What are you going to do Angie? Are you seeing your surgeon?

Hugs, Debby

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Yes Debby, I have an appointment with my surgeon next week. He's on vacation until then, and, I got the first appointment with him. Just kind of scared what he will do. Will he pull it out? OUCH! I am just scared of an infection or something from it.

Thanks everyone!

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Kristin N
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I know that this can happen Angie. Good luck with your appt. Let us know what your surgeon does. You will be fine!

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My breast surgeon got back today to work after vacation, so, I had him take a look at what I thought were 2 stitches, and, YES, they were. How after all of this time it can happen is astonishing to me. LOL

He just pulled them out and it really didn't hurt, which surprised me. Unless he deadened me and I didn't know it. hmmm LOL


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im glad all worked out, on the topic I can not use the dissolveable stitches do to the fact they never dissolve. last year when i had my surgery they removed the stiches from my c-section 18 years ago lol. we knew they were in there but desided to leave them till i had to have surgey or they became a problem yucky lol. oh well they are gone now

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Glad to here all is well -- amazing that an indissoluble stitches can create
such health issues.

Vicki Sam

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18 years? OMG! Mine were only in there 2! lol That's why I wanted them out and didn't want to wait and see if they'd just come out and go away on their own. I worried about an infection of something.

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Very glad that you got in to see your surgeon and that he got the stitches out. I didn't know they could come out years later either. I learned something new! lol

Sue :)

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Really happy that you got in to see your surgeon and got your stiches out. This is new to me too.

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