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Internist Visit

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Well today was my internist visit; she gets all the reports from PET/CT , etc , that my onco and rad docs get. Good news thyroid still good -check, good cholesterol 147 - check , bad cholesterol 60 - check, BP 116/84 - check , blood sugar 110 - check..she is thrilled , even with the weight loss. Then we discuss the gardasil injections that she and rad doc think I should have ; 3 shots , had the first one today , 2nd shot 2 months out, 3rd shot 6 months from that, $250 per shot , hopefully my ins will pay something depends on how she codes it... she also wants me to have a colonoscopy (sp) ;-( and my yearly mamo by the time all this is done it will be December ..yikes.. Oh she also gave me my flu shot...what a day..this gettin healthy is hard work. So those of you who haven't had any of the above get ready, even though it was a long day I'm blessed to have this team of doctors looking out for me,


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if I'm getting a mammogram. Gotta draw the line somewhere......

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I'd much rather have a mammogram than a papanicolaou test Pat....

Congrats on being healthy Linda...


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Joined: Jul 2011

Thanks John ...

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Posts: 989
Joined: Jul 2011

The only problem is the compression of those plates...but they give , we'll where I go, warm homemade chic chip cookies...I'm still laughing at your I will be darned

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after losing 70lbs during treatmet ...I'm thinking I could actually pass for a mamogram if I put a wig on .... :) :) :) ...booo hahahahaha..


very happy for your good day!!!

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D Lewis
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You left out the 'shingles' and 'whooping cough' innoculations. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and get those this year.


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Had shingles in jan of this year, guess I waited to long for the shot..but then again never thought I would get those dang things

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Hi Linda,

Nice report, you can slip some of that info into my file.

Hey, I got the flu shot and shingles shot (this site always makes me worry)



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Yeap they come at us with guns blazing...but saying this an oz of prevention. So happy to hear all the tests are so good ! Katie

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