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Golden Nuggets ~ Tampa Bay Pompano

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I had some free time Sunday morning to hit a spot I haven't fished for awhile...

The target was Pompano, known in Florida as Golden Nuggets, because of the Golden Yellow color they turn when you catch them...plus the excellent table fare when prepared.

I was in luck, I caught my limit of six within a few hours. The lure was one called a Doc's Goofy Jig. A local made lure that is highly effective for pompano..actually I think that I have caught somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty different fish species on this one type of lure.

Anyways, here are the photos....

The limit on ice;

Gandy Bridge Pompano

Ready for the table;

Broiled Parmesan Crusted Pompano

Something for you post treatment survivors to try, and something for you guys/gals still battling to look forward to....

There is life after chemo/rads..., it's what you fight for, it's what you make it.


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I still have lots of trouble eating. But fish, I can eat. And good fish, I can really eat.

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Posts: 8284
Joined: Sep 2009

Pat, they would be great with some fresh garden veggies...


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Hi John,

You have “free time” to “hit a spot”, It all sounds so dangerous and who set you free?

Tell me John how does brain food (fish) work on the abi-normal personality? Is the delicious Broiled Parmesan Crusted Pompano that tweaks your brain cells to make you who you are?

How do I know your (fish threads) are not the lure and you are trying to catch one of us for some abi-Tampa H&N agenda?

I am keeping an eye I you and if I ever get our car started I am cruising to Tampa to catch and eat some fish with you, because I think the fish is the secret to your (delightful) abi-normal behavior.



Skiffin16's picture
Posts: 8284
Joined: Sep 2009

It was a drive by .... fishin style.

Shootin the water hood with Yellow Painted Doc's..., it's the pink teaser that gets them everytime...always hitting the mark...

Doc's Goofy Jig

And another one down, and another one down.....Pompano on ice...

Coming to a ramp near your neighborhood soon...


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