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OT - Prairie fire - enforced evacuation.

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We're fine - only grass burned. We were on an enforced evacuation this afternoon for a prairie fire for a while but it's contained now. Called Hubby to get home in case and got dogs out (and papers) and sat to wait in case I had to run. Neighbor (who likes to freak out over nothing) gave me her 6 ferrets to 'watch' - they are back with her now.

Fires are so horrible - but at leas5t we beat the odds this time.

Winyan - The Power Within


New Flower
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Stuff cost nothing life is important
Good luck stay strong
Take care of yourself and family

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Glad you're safe, Susan.....keep up with a watchful eye....I know you will....
Hugs, Nancy

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Please stay safe. Parying the fires are out soon!

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Phew...glad that all is well. I sure wish it would rain! xoxoxo Lynn

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I can't remember when we had the last rain! I have deeper cracks in my yard than I did before the last drought broke.

The fire is contained so should be fine. No structures lost. TV is saying 400 - 600 acres burned - I think it's probably twice that actually. It definately chased the skunks out - smell them big time. The 'good' thing is that it's just prairie grass so it burns/spreads fast but is basically open land so easier to fight. I was outside with the dogs (and bunny) when the first slurry tanker came over so figured it'd be handled shortly. Was really surprised that they a slurry on it so fast.

Fires scare me! Almost lost my barn to a fire started by some kids smoking in the palmettos (helps to have gone to school with the plow driver). Once had to make a bunch of Duds follow me into Canada in front of a fire in N. Cascades. (My 'friend' on my hip helped convince them they were going - like it or not.) Could go on but won't - FIRES SCARE me.

As much as I hate winter - early snowfall is what we need! And the amount of trees dead/dying from Pine Beetles - not looking forward to next year.

At least though for some of us today was stressful - it could have been so much worse.

Winyan - The Power Within


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I am happy that you, your family and homestead are safe. Same here, Fires scare me
as their focus shift depending on wind factors -- and they burn everything. So
deadly and unpredictable.

Come on winter ... 100 degrees out here in Southern CA -- hot, humid and no sign
of cooler temp's.

Vicki Sam

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