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And the first scan results are in........

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Good news fellow posters. First CT Scans post 12 chemo treatments are all clear. Everything looked very good. Onc very pleased. Next scans in 6 months. I am happy, cautious and ready to move forward. Enjoying my Wellness program and working through the neuropathy. Best to everyone. I wish my good luck to everyone. This is one rough ride!

Update - I am a stage 3B with 3 nodes (signet cell also) no mets. That's where I started.


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Awesome news and congratulations!!! What stage was your cancer, if you don't mind sharing? Best of luck in the future.


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Enjoy the road to complete wellness. I don't know where you live, but enjoy this gorgeous weather taking long walks, or whatever your plan is.....best season of the year.
Wow - you made it through the whole 12 treatments.

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Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2012

Live in NC and it is beautiful here. I walk every day. Fall is my favorite time of year.

(Originally from Queens, New York).

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Great journeys begin with the first steps . You have taken them ,time to regain your life and live it to the fullest,Hugs Ron,st3c 6nodes 14+ yrs ca free

Cathleen Mary
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This is terrific news, Alice. I am so happy for you. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Cathleen Mary

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That is truely great.

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Always happy to read these posts. Ann Alexandria

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That's great, Alice!


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Weekend for many here!
Congratulations and celebrate it !

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I'm so happy for you because of this great news. Enjoy every good day and I pray your good news continues. Jeff

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Great news! I have treatment #6 Monday and I will make through all 12. So glad you can breathe for 6 months and concentrate on other things.
Sandy :)

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so happy for you! enjoy chemo free days for all of us!

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Congratulations on completing your 12 treatments. Now on to the rest of your life!

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Congrats on the great scan results.

Wishing you the same on the next one!

Marie who loves kitties

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Wonderful news Alice. It is so reassuring that things can go well... I am also 3B (signet ring cell) with 4 nodes.... No mets. I am in the middle of my 12 treatments... I go in for number 5 on Tuesday. How bad is your neuropathy? I am really starting to feel the effects this week.... My dr talked to me about possibly changing the oxaliplatin if the neuropathy gets too much for me.


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I remember when you just started. Glad to hear you are half way. Neuropathy is on feet, hands, teeth, tongue and lips. It was the worst by the last chemo (8/23/12) when I was "full" of chemo. I also received the calcium/mag drip before and after treatments that did help alot. It is always there, just at different levels of pain/irritation. I am at the point that if I have to learn to live with this and continue to be cancer free - I will. I always say it is bad, but could be alot worse. Best to you - keep me posted on your progress. Also the signet cell part of my journey made me insane at first but I have calmed down to realize it just needs to be followed closer (CT Scans / every 6 months for first 3 years, then annually). It is not common/uncommon per say. Careful about reading internet stuff about signet. Older out-dated info is invalid. Alice

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Thanks Alice... I am starting to feel more comfortable with the signet ring part. My dr seems to think that they pretty much got everything in surgery. I am still going to seek out a second opinion. I have a dr at NIH that is willing to see me. We just have to wait a few weeks.

My neuropathy is mainly in my hands and tongue and lips right now. I use my hands a lot... So it is more noticeable ... We will se how this week goes and then decide about changing the oxaliplatin. I can live with it if I have to.... If this protocol is more aggressive/appropriate for my situation. I have had heart issues in the past .. So the avastin is a concern ...have not really talked about it with the dr. I am thinking that maybe they can just cut back a bit on the oxaliplatin. I did ask about the mag calcium drip...right now I take 3 calc/mag pills per day which is supposed to also help.

I'll Keep you posted on my journey.


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Alex, Did you ever get that second opinion?

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That is definitely great news.


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Yes, it can be a rough ride. but it is doable. When you get NED and living a normal life, you will say it was worth it. Good luck to you!

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