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I simply CAN NOT get into this Reiki thing! Is it just me or does this not sound like what my grandmother called"busy work"? It was supposed to help relieve stress, but I have been trying to do this for four months and it just makes me more nervy! I get more relaxation from reading my Bible and praying or just sitting on the couch petting the dog or my two new-born kittens. Grrrrrrr, damn cancer! debrajo

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Here is what I know about reiki, you are way better off reading your Bible and petting your dog. Let me know what you think about this:

The concept of ki underlying Reiki is speculative and there is no scientific evidence that it exists; a 2008 systematic review of randomised clinical trials concluded that "the evidence is insufficient to suggest that reiki is an effective treatment for any condition. Therefore the value of reiki remains unproven."[4] The American Cancer Society[5] and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine[6] have also found that there is no clinical or scientific evidence supporting claims that Reiki is effective in the treatment of any illness. Do you actually think that someone can move their hands over and around you and move your energy around and make you feel better. I tell you continue reading your Bible.you will be much better off. Why fight with the devil.

What do you think? By the way, how are you feeling friend?

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Ladies - I just wanted to mention that I did have Reiki during chemo and for several weeks after. My plan was/is to follow up though I haven't done yet. I did find it helpful. Have also been taught mindfulness meditation via integrative doctor (this is all in London) and do try to practice that - there is drop-in relaxation/meditation at the hospital. I'm also on mistletoe therapy - so, basically, try to combine conventional and complementary treatments. Coming up to two years NED - very grateful for whatever is working! All best to you both. Susan

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Thanks Susanna and of course Nempark, for answering! I just dont think Reiki, colored stones, auras, closed charkas, meditation on energy flow are for me! Don't know if I have a too weak mind or a too strong mind. I think I will stick with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and NED! I was a mild Hippy back in the late 60's when I was a teen and I couldn't even get into that scene then. Having grown up in the Bible Belt of Texas, we were taught that meditation was dangerous, evil, and down right work of the devil! So I will stop stressing over why I can't de-stress! @ Nempark, I feel fine, a little tired, but summer has been looooong and hot here! Blood work is still off, but it was off before I got sick. Things here are about the same, but my youngest is two hours away at school, so at least it's calmer! How have you been and when is your next check-up? I will be going back to M.D. Anderson Nov. 21 so I will be great for all the holidays if NED has not deserted me!! Hope to hear from you soon! Best, debrajo

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