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Shout for Chenheart

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How is she?

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I have been thinking about and worrying about Claudia, too....hope she's okay and posts soon to let us know how she's doing..I think I remember someone posting that her computer crashed...so hopefully that's the reason she hasn't posted...

Hugs, Nancy

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Ask and you shall receive! I have horrible neuropathy and dont post much amywhere...don't even ask me about my Yahoo inbox!!!! I am still in the middle of the battke...I can't believe I have been on non stop chemo for almost a YEAR now! I tell ya, 120 pounds looked way better on me in high school than it does now!!!! I ldore my oncologist and of course my chemo RNs are angels~ they opened a new cancer research center affiliated with UCLA * my onc is head of the research program) and it is fantastic! I feel safe and nurtured there, and I am convinced only the nicest people get cancer!!!
I have not been having a particularly easy time of things...I honestly was awarded Best Patient Of The Night at out local ER~ ( who knew???) and I spend more time there getting pain/nausea meds IV than I care to admit. You all know my ongoing mantra " We do what we have to do so wecan do what we want to do!!" That has not changed!
I am also resigned to the fact that I am a hairless wonder! I swear I can tie bandanas on in my sleep! My 3 year old granddaughter ( who still lives with Reggie and me 5 days a week) calls me Nana Bandana and she thinks the Cancer Awareness Barbie is Nana Barbie! I recently got a wig to wear to an upcoming wedding...Aliyah laughed and laughed and just said Silly Nana! So...life is good on the home front! Now if I could only contol this pesky cancer....I am wondering what lesson I haven't learned and am patiently waiting for the revelation!
I love you all more than you know...and I apologize for not being online more often~ I will try and be more regular here with the Kindred Spiritis I truly know and love!!!
Hugs and all blessings and good things to you!!!!


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Chen, your radiant spirit shines through every post. I love your feistiness and your humor. Kick cancer to the curb! I know you can do it. Big (((hugs)))

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Is there any chance Claudia that you could give your body a break and go back to a hormonal therapy drug?

Are you in a stable enough condition to do that? Just a thought.

I think of you often and wish you well,


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hi Doris! I was on Arimidex for 5 years, then an 18 month break, then with the recurrance I went on Tamoxifen for almost 2 years until the mets...then the clinical trial until it didnt work, and now I am on a different protocol...it is working but with many side effects. I dont know what hormonal therapy might be suggested. The worst oart for me is the neuropathy...my fingeers scarcely work nat all any more and of course I am fearful that after so long a time on chemo it wont be reversable...
Sigh! But all in all I am well and happy! Honestly! :-)


New Flower
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it is so nice to see you here. You have made Chemo sounded as a very pretty treatment. please take care of yourself. I cannot imagine how do you do it.
I am having a difficult day.

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Don't know if you log on regularly or not. One never changes a winning horse in midstream, so I guess you are on the chemo for the time being.

When and if the time comes, perhaps mentioning the Aromasin with the new Afinitor to your oncologist might be a good idea. The side effects from the majority I have read that are using this combo are not to bad. I have these scheduled the A&A way down my list for last hormonal therapy drug that I want to try. That is after I recycle all the hormonal drugs. I am doing good on my second try with Faslodex (500 mg now instead of 250 mg). To bad the FDA didn't approve of the higher mg way back in 2008 when I needed it.

I have neuropathy in the shoulder (2 lymph node dissections, 4 bouts of cellulitis, a deep tear in the supraspinatus tendon and chronic bursitis) with all that I no longer expect a miracle so I use Gabapentin to help. Shoulder and arm don't take any abuse at all, so I am very careful. Have you tried taking Gabapentin, might be helpful for your fingers.

Don't reply, this was just a thought.

Wishing you the best, as always,


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