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Detox? Anyone, Anyone?

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Joined: Nov 2011

I've read of some doing the juicing and some that have been through a detox program.

has anyone every gone to this retreat?


what are your thoughts?

can one do such a retreat, while on Chemo?

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If ever you want to locate a money-grabbing scam, just announce that
you have cancer to the WWW, and they'll come looking for you.

If you want to try "juicing", look on Craigslist or Ebay for a used
Champion juicer, buy it, and search for "juicing recipes" right here
on CSN. There's no need to spend hard cash on celebrity styled
bed and breakfasts', or specially designed pseudo health enhancing

You can also read my "personal page" and "blog" here, and decide
if a different medical science might be a worthwhile venture.

There are other ways to fight cancer, and it need not cost a bundle
to do so. In fact.... if it sounds like it's a scam... it probably is,
and you'll find one popping up every day, if it's regarding a "cure"
for cancer.

Caveat Emptor....

Wishing better health for you!


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Posts: 493
Joined: Nov 2011

Thanks John!
truly appreciate your note and your comments.

I've finished 24 rounds of Folfox6, had my second surgery and its been nearly 3 months since i've had any chemo injected into my body...

I feel really damn good, and with that, and knowing that i'm to restart chemo on Monday... i began to daydream (and surf online) of other options so i might continue to feel as good as i do.

well, I've gathered a lot of in... and i plan to do my own juicing and pick out some of my own vitamins off the shelve and do the chemo too.

truly appreciate your feedback.



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Look at the Gerson Diet and Juicing. "The Juice Man" is another good source. (The Juiceman got cured of a serious disease from WWII while using the Gerson treatment. He invented a inexpensive juicing machine and promoted juicing health for the rest of his 80 year old life.)

There are several good resources among the Gerson Esque diets. Many have good studies behind them, and are compelling.

At the same time, there are MANY that just want your money. They are trying to sell you a vitamin regiment, etc... Look at it logically and there are several versions that make sense.

Best Always, mike

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Joined: Nov 2011


thanks for helping me stay logical.
I plan to stay on course with my battle, yet i will be looking up the Juice Man and other sources that you mention.

thanks again.


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This one looks less radical than some I have seen and doesn't make unrealistic claims- it talks about it not being a cure all and mainly being about nutritional well being. I'm not a big advocate of this kind of stuff and in truth would think that making positive sustained lifestyle changes makes more sense than simply relying on a couple of weeks of detox makes more sense.

However if you have$3500 for a week and fancy dring 12 glasses of juice a day and having 1-5 cups of coffee given up the other end then this place probably offers a nice place to do it!


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Joined: Nov 2011


thanks for your note.

I wish we all had that much money to burn... but you're right, if i had that much money to burn, i rather the coffee goes in the correct end... and we might add our own adult flavored "additives".

Or just go to the old rum runners that i used to love, on a sunny beach.



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There are different juicing diets during chemo and after chemo. Some of the juicing will make one have nausea during chemo. The standard "Green Drink" and carrot juice stays the same. The acidic juices like Orange are removed. A lot of juicing diets also include Potatoes and Oatmeal.

Best Always, mike

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maybe these courses are more expensive.

I have done 4 cancer retreats.

7 days for $1600 food, board, juices, lectures, massages, the works. it was in paradise. don't regret it at all. even on this retreat, i had enemas and colonics as well.

I guess do some research, the 12 juices a day sounds pretty serious.

i think its important to make sure the people and material are targetted for where you are interested in going.

all my courses have been fun and i have made many longterm friends, sadly many have passed, so the retreats i went on did not offer guarantees, but they may have helped improve our daily quality of life.

if you go, enjoy it. its fun to be different. becareful it will be hard to go into a fast food joint if you get brainwashed by these guys. thats what happended to me, so at least you have been warned. that said i would go if it passes the smell test.


ps the acid test is what will your new healthstyle look like after the course. thats the question ? and that where the value is. if you go, i would welcome a full report and pass on the best tips.

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joe the very very last thing I would like to see is another storm over juicing and alternatives.

I think it is good you are starting to look at alternatives.....

just a word about the tummy and detox. I believe you are doing xeloda? is that right Joe. I found xeloda a little hard on the digestive system. would get some stomach pain and so i ate very gently....I guess I am just saying not too acid at this time....

all the best


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im having acid from sandwich - weird - didnt hv anything thru xeloda - and now its awful!!! wonder if its chemo side effect!

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Thanks Mags

a week into Xeloda and Avastin and nothing really noticeable.
kind of nice.

seems like i'm craving potatoes and bread... definitely don't feel like putting acid like stuff in me at this time. So, thanks for your advice and for your feedback.



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