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a thought

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Joined: Aug 2010

here's one for you.

i was 38 and my daughter was 14, now she is 30.

back in those years, i would never have bet the boat i would be celebrating at dinner tonight.

this will be fun, think i will take NED with me


Posts: 307
Joined: Mar 2012

You made my day! I was feeling down for no reason....i was looking at my D's grad pics and suddenly started thinking that would i be there for my son's graduation!

Thanks for posting this positive thought.

Tonsil Dad's picture
Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

Your only 54.....lol
Nice post John, it gives us all a high when we see survival rates like this.

Enjoy Dinner.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Posts: 4322
Joined: Mar 2012

are the master of positive thoughts today, John....thanks for the reminder!!


osmotar's picture
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Enjoy the dinner and many many more to come.


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Joined: May 2012


Way to share a good story, short and sweet and to the point (good point). Will Sawdust be getting something (looks hungry)?



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I thought I went thru a worm hole and ended up in an Algebra Quiz.
Let's see: age = (30-14) + 38.

Well, if this is math night: You are 78.2% of my age.
But always remember: Numbers can lie. Rick.

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Joined: Jun 2011

So wonderful to read! It certainly adds to my hope that I will see my daughter's 30th. I was 39 and she 15 when my news came. I'm 40 now and 1 year out, NED and feeling great.

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D Lewis
Posts: 1572
Joined: Jan 2010

:) Made my day.


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John - you be da Man!

Best to you Sir!!


Posts: 1911
Joined: May 2012

Awsome post ! And wishing you and your family many more memories together ! Katie

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So what kind of boat.......doh!!

Hoping it's a very slow boat my man....

Best to you and yours,

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