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Davinci surgery Thursday

VivianLee5689's picture
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My husband goes in to have the primary cancer, which was found on the right side of the base of his tongue removed using the Davinci robot on Thursday and to get the feeding tube placed. We have been anxiously awaiting getting started, now I have to admit it is all getting so real. I guess it is time to saddle up and be strong for my beloved husband. We are going to whip the darn C and whip it until it quits. I am looking forward to the day we will get to post NED. Thanks everyone for you support and encouragement.

hwt's picture
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Know how you feel, I was all about getting the show on the road after getting my dx. You will beat this together. Prayers will be with you both on Thursday.

cureitall66's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

We'll get there one day at a time. Will be thinking of you Thursday too : )

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Best wishes for the upcoming surgery and treatment , I've read you past post .stay positive keep a good attitude.

Blessings and light


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Joined: Sep 2012

Best wishes Vivian, be tough.

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Tonsil Dad
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Joined: Dec 2011

sending prayers for your husband for his surgury on Thursday
have faith and stay positive and God will see him through.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Hi Vivian,

Sounds like you’re locked and loaded.

I hear great things about the da Vinci Surgical Robot. Matter-of-fact I listened to a program on NPR last week and when they mentioned da Vinci, I listened.

You both will be finished with this stuff in no time.

Good luck and God bless.


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Now the show is on the road....step by step, that's the only way to get this done...soon it will all be in your rear view mirror.


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I know once things get started it's a little more comforting. Wishing a good successful surgery and easy healing.
Placement of the PEG is the easy part, just a little tenderness in the belly for a few days is all.
Keep us posted and know we are thinking of you.

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Take one day at a time. Slowly, but surely, you will get your NED, I strongly believe that. Keep us posted!! My prayers are with you and your husband!!!

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I know that it was (and still is) harder on my wife than it is on me. Caregivers have as much to do with the success of the treatment as the healthcare team. We (patients) appreciate you (caregivers). Rick.

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Best wishes, thoughts and prayers for the surgery and treatment. Take one day at time, before you know it, you will be posting ned results,

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I am doing my last day at work before my family medical leave. I have decided only to work one day a week while my husband is going through the treatments. The fall is generally the most stressful time of the year at work and I tend to put in a lot of extra hours and take a lot of anxiety home. My husband and I agreed that I didn't need that extra stress as I have already been a basket case at times since the diagnosis. I take blood pressure medicine, but when I checked my blood pressure it was 154 over 101 even with the meds. This is taking its toll. I am happy not to have the stress of work to add to it.

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to your both on Thursday, you will be fine and your husband is at the starting gate, which is where we all wanted to get to so we could fight this battle. You both are in our prayers.

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and God guiding the Surgeon's hands will bring him through successfully. Best wishes

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