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I'm law abiding...really,

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but, I was tailgating at a football game yesterday and got into a conversation with a guy who's had brain cancer for 12 years. They gave him 3 months, so he's very happy to have proved them wrong, of course. But he told me if I have any problem with nausea that pot has been his saviour. He said that just a few puffs and it's totally gone. I take Zofran, but it doesn't really seem to do much. I don't even know where I'd find weed, but wondered if any of you use it for nausea. I know there are medical marijuana states, but I'm not in one. TIA, Dan

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Here is the weird thing....my sister sent me a link...."Run from the Cure". Her daughter had a friend over, her father had been diagnosed with lung cancer and refused chemo. but did this cannabis stuff, some kind of paste or oil he consumed, (don't think he smoked it) but his scans are now clear....she said he got it from some underground source. What I find interesting is my neice, my sister daughter is a doctor doing research at a university, not in cancer but in neuropathy, nerve damage.

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where medical mj is legal (and where we will be voting in Nov. to legalize it for all adults), so I was able to get an authorization to use pot during chemo. It helped a ton with nausea. It's also being studied at the University of WA as a treatment for cancer itself, with some studies showing that pot can kill off cancer cells. You don't have to smoke it...many cancer patients use the edible form, or a vaporizer. If it wasn't legal here, I'd still probably use it, if I wasn't able to find an effective legal way of managing nausea. As for accessing it when it's not legal, I'm not sure. We were offered mj by a surprising number of people (preschool moms, guys who play squash with my husband) when I was dx'ed, so it's around. My teenagers also told me that they could easily buy it from their fellow high school students if needed as well. Ann Alexandria

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It's funny how it all of a sudden comes out of the wood work from people you never figured....am I the only one in the world not smoking pot??

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I fully support medical marijuana (just legalize for everyone) and when it was on the ballot in Arizona I voted for it. My experience was smoking some for the pain I was having in my legs from neuropathy. It actually made the pain worse and so intense that I was close to tears. Another time I tried for nausea and it didn't stop it. I don't like the high from pot, sure every silly thing is hilarious and food tastes incredible, but I don't like feeling like goofball 24 year old. While I might use on a rare occasion or even not at all, there is no way that I would deny anyone else this weapon against cancer. If it works for you then go for it and enjoy the benefits.

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I also saw the 'run from the cure' vid. ended up going into the desert to make honey oil. Gave it to my son (after testing it myself) he slept well but I stopped it when I found low doses may proliferate tumours.

Some American dad also gave it to their kid for BC, he did alright for a while.

Medical MJ is legal here too now.
But it should be researched more, especially cannabidiol.

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Can't get it legally here in the uk but am interested to hear from anyone who has used it- how effective is it and do you get the high effects as well?


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I've used it. Unfortunately it's not "permitted" in NY.
Even if it were, on the Federal level it's still illegal so they can, and do, shut down the suppliers who sell it under the state guidelines. While I'd NEVER want anyone to have to go through cancer (or other illnesses where marijuana helps ease the symptoms), I almost wish that the Law-Makers could experience the pleasure of barfing their brains out for hours on end and/or having no appetite for days.. Just a tiny bit but it does the trick and works 200% better than Emend.

As far as where to get it, obviously that's another issue.
Do you know any musicians???
How about old college buddies or coworkers?
Do you have older kids?
I'm not advocating breaking any laws at all but it's certainly out there...

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I used the marijuana instead of the anti-nausea pills, never had to take an anti-nausea pill as I never suffered from it due to the ingestion of marijuana. It's legal here, I go down to the store and buy cookies or brownies or truffles, or I make the butter myself from the plants I grow in the summer.
And of course I didn't lose a pound (gained darn it!). And I don't smoke it ever, I can't handle smoking it, I just eat a nice product conceived from the special butter (uses the stems etc., waste not, want not). And yes, because I mostly grow my own I do get the high effects, however you can buy here from WAMM (they were busted by the federals 10 years ago, and sued the US Government, and the Government was ordered by the courts to leave WAMM alone, have strains that do not get you hardly high but help with the nausea.
Winter Marie

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Well, I know a college student and he said it wouldn't be a problem to find me some "anti-nausea" medicine. So, for medicinal purposes only, I think I'll give it a shot. What the hell, it's worth a try. I'll report back on my impressions. Hugs, PotheadDan ;-)

Btw, I'm going to be in Colorado in a couple of weeks, and they're a MM state. If there are any Colorado residents on the board, what does it take to buy it?

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You mean "420"!! (google it)

I had 24 sessions of chemo, and i will restart onto maintenance chemo in a week.

after my first week of chemo (Folfox 6 plus erbitux) i began to get nauseous. And, it continued to get worse and worse every week. I went through about 4 different types of anti-nausea meds... and not until "a friend of a friend" asked me how i was doing with the nausea and vomiting. I lost 30lbs in a couple months...

i tried marijuana and that worked as it allowed me to eat and the nausea went away... for at least 6 hours or so. But, then he gave me a half dozen cookies. (hash cookies).
THAT was the trick!

I began to gain weight all while taking more chemo.

it works.

I did talk directly with my oncologist about this as well as the nurses, and they each said.... Glad to hear that you found a source.

My sons who are in high school at the time and one in college each told me that its easier to get marijuana than it is beer for an underage kid (under 21).

so, if you're looking to get some.... don't limit yourself to college kids. Ask co-workers and anyone you know that might smoke it or know someone who does. Everyone and anyone who smokes marijuana knows that it works very well for chemo and aides patients.

just ask around... most likely they'll GIVE it to you to try.

I have yet to have to pay for any of it.

good luck.

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nausea and appetite...we are in a nonlegal state, but whatever. Got more pressing things on my mind than a few measley joints in the house. Robert has not lost any weight, can eat regular meals, and it calms his mind when he gets scared, frustrated, or angry.

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called Nathan Hale...the kids refer to it as "Inhale". I guess that's maybe better than the other nearby school, Roosevelt, which is affectionately known as "Boosevelt".

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Not legal here yet, but my husband has used it regularly for chemo related nausea for the past 3 years and it has worked better than anything else they have given him. Several people suggested it to him when he was first diagnosed, but he was initially reluctant to try it. He was very weak, and had lost approx 35 pounds in a months time. After his surgery, when they started chemo and the nausea was bad and nothing the docs gave him worked, he tried it. In addition to helping with the nausea, it gave him an appetite which helped him put weight on and keep weight on.

His oncologist is fully aware he uses it, and he includes it whenever they ask him what meds he is on. I have heard the nurses "off the record" suggesting it to patients who are really struggling with nausea. His oncologist gave him a prescription for Marinol to try, but he didn't feel it worked as well as the regular stuff.

In my opinion it is definitely worth giving it a try ... anything that helps!

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