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Finally my sister's report

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

It's been 6 weeks since her double mascetomy(cancer in both Breasts).She finally had a appt with her oncologist. Her dx is Stage 2 A&B.One or more lymph nodes involved on one side,other side OK .She starts chemo on the 18th of this month.She's to have a test done.Not sure if it will be before or after her chemo treatment. The doctor thinks it's spread but we're thinking postive.If it spread she will be Stage 4.

This took quite sometime since her appointments have been spread far apart and her surgery she postponed till after the Family Reunion.Finally her surgery/reconstruction was the end of July but it took all this time for her to see the oncologist. A long wait IMO.

We know her dx, her treatment but need to find out if it's spread. It's a big jump from Stage 2 to possibly Stage 4(IF the tests show the cancer has spread).

Lynn Smith

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that does seem like a long time to see her oncologist! I will keep her in my prayers. Thank you for your update, please let us know more as you get the info!

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I'm with Sandy that is a long wait.
Lynn keep us posted, Lots of Prayers and Hugs.

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I will be praying for your sister. Thanks for updating us.

Hugs, Kylez

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Kristin N
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Thank you for the update. Your sister is in my prayers. Any more news?

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

Finally some news.I believe I mentioned chemo was to start Tues.Well she found out she is Stage 2 AB.Not Stage 4 like the doctor thought. They did a X ray to see if it spread.It hasn't. She had the scan Monday.Then Tues was chemo.She gets there and insurance won't pay for it.I guess the doctor wanted to give her the results in person and tell her about the insurance problem.

The doctor is sending her to another hospital.Cheaper and also works with patients when insurance won't pay.The cost for each treatment would be $5.000 but if all goes like it should she only pays $200.The rest will be covered in some way.The other hospital is working with her.

Now the wait.From what she said it will be 3 weeks before she knows anything about getting help.Then chemo.It was 3 or 4 treatments.

I guess we all should check what insurance pays.She just got this insurance right before her cancer dx.

She's met some survivors and they are going on a retreat for a weekend. They talked about their problems,foods to eat etc. She's into it.She's a go getter, single and does everything under the sun. Never home.

Lynn Smith

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Dear Lynn,

I am glad that your sister will be able to have the chemo and that some program will pay. I have read that there are many programs who will help when there is no insurance.

Confused about the x-ray. Did they suspect lung metastasis? I didn't think they did x-ray to check for possible spreading anymore. Well it was good news that she isn't stage IV. Sounds like she is a very active person and enjoys life to the hilt. As it should be.

Wishing her and you the best,


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This is awful that her insurance won't pay for chemo. Has she talked to the ACS or the cancer center? Sometimes they have grants that will help or totally pay for treatment for those that need help.

Hugs to you and your sister,


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Hi Lynn, I'm glad things are moving along for your sister. Let her know she has a fan club right here as well:)
Hugs and Miles of Love,

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

Thank You.I will tell her.I hope the chemo gets approved soon.Glad it will be only 3 treatments.She is the type that let's nothing worry her but I'm sure it's different on the inside.

Lynn Smith

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Hy lyn, my prayers to your sister and to the whole family.

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Yes the doctor did suspect it had spread.He leaned more to it but a few others in the family said we wanted him to be wrong.So her doctor and her daughter leaned towards it spreading but me, my sister and her son-in-law said "No it didn't". The doctor still has some doubt and thinks it may have spread.He said if it has it's minimal.I guess if she has to wait 3 weeks for help in getting chemo paid she'll be safe.

She has insurance but it won't pay for chemo.She changed companies just over a month before her dx.Something everyone should check.

Lynn Smith

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Alexis F
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double post

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Alexis F
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Joined: May 2009

I guess I just always thought that insurance would pay for chemo. Thanks Lynn for informing us that it doesn't always. I am hoping that her new insurance will decide to pay for her chemo. Wishing her the best and you too!

Hugs, Lex

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I'm sending my prayers to your sister too Lynn.

Hugs, Debby

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

My sister always had good insurance when she was married.No worries.After the divorce she got her own.Just before dx she changed to this new insurance. She found the tumor in May(told me first) then her kids at a get together for Mother's Day.The insurance paid for her surgery/reconstruction etc.Then it came time for the chemo and it was denied. She'll get treatment at the other hospital.Just not sure how long it will take.They quoted her she will pay $200 and they pay the remainder for chemo.

My husband had the best insurance for years.Never paid deductible.2 years ago his company told the employees vote this way(a $4500 deductible if you want to keep your jobs).Of Course they take it.Now I have to pay the first $4500 for treatmants etc.Tnank Goodness we have money saved up but it's interferred with my treatment.Doctors have changed the way they treat me to keep cost down.I am 65 but seems I still pay.Don't know why Medicare won't pay the bill.I get tired of calling. Husband still works.Might be why??I still have a benign tumor in my cancerous breast because I would have to pay for the surgery.Of course it's watched.

Lynn Smith

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Alexis F
Posts: 3604
Joined: May 2009

I hope the insurance will come thru very soon for your sister and she can get chemo Lynn. And, that is awful that you have to pay that much for a deductible. I understand the employees wanting to keep their jobs, but, that is just way too high.

Sending my best to you and your sister,


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