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As this space has always provided answers and encouragement, I was wanting to know what to be done for constipation. Even though my sister with stage four EC has fruit juices and fruits, she is consitpated. What can be done for the same?

I have given her homeopathy medicines but to no avail.

Any suggestions?


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Look up coffee enemas. It helps with detoxification, but may also help with the constipation. Hope that helps.


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Yes sure, thanks for the information. Will surely try them out.


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You may want to have her try Phillips Stool Softener pills. It was recommended to me because the pain medication I was on caused constipation. It doesn't cause cramping and usually works in 24-72 hours.


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Mirolax, over the counter, also at SAMs, And Fleets Enemas . Miralax is same thing you take before a colonoscopy, just weaker. Hope this helps

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I was recommended Sennacot S I don't know if that's natural. What about prunes or prune juice those are a tried and true. A couple prunes or maybe a half cup of juice each day?

Apples and apple juice I believe has a binding effect because of the pectin.

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We have found that Probiotics help with regularity. Either Activia yogurt or supplements like Align. If more help is needed, Miralax is great. Everyone who is on pain medication should be taking something to prevent constipation according to our docs.

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For my mom, no drug or food helped with her constipation except enemas. We did this every other night and when we got onto this system, she was the most comfortable she'd ever been. Twice we had to deal with impaction, but with persistence, patience and lots of water bags we removed the impaction. After the 2nd impacted stool, we deiced to do every other day to keep her free of obstruction. This worked so well and we did it together. We used an old fashioned enema bag that I ordered from drugstore . com Local drug stores probably have these bags. I wrote up a How To for one of our members. If anyone wants it let me know. (Gosh, I hope I saved the document!)

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Hi Bawa-
My husband would take a stool softener daily and would take Miralax if he needed a little extra help. Especially when on pain meds, as they will cause constipation.
He doesn't need to take the daily softner anymore. But will use the Miralax for the occasional bout.


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Hello, my dad had huge issues with constipation. Prior to his DX Stage IV EC he even suffered from constipation, not to mention the power of sugestion all the onc. had to do was mention constipation and he was costipated. He tried many OTC constipation remedies and nothing worked but we did find one thing that was a great help for him. Laci Le Bough Tea. It's a senna tea and it can be found at GNC type stores also online a Putritian Pride they have a cataloge and I know you can order on line. I hope this is helpful to you.
All my best

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