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Another loss

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I hope you don't think I'm morbid or strange but I read our local paper's online obituaries once in a while. We live in a small city and know many people. I am sometimes surprised to see that someone we know has passed and we hadn't heard.

Last Thursday as I was scrolling down the list I noticed a face that looked familiar. I glanced at the name and the first name matched the person I was thinking of. She is a woman I met at Weight Watchers. I was fairly certain it was her but I didn't know her last name so I couldn't be sure. Weight Watcher's is like AA; we don't usually know people's last names.

I had to wait until my meeting today where it was confirmed to me it was Nancy. I had been puzzled since I saw her picture as to why she had passed. The obit said she died at home. I thought heart attack and that is what happened. It was still surprising because she had lost over a hundred pounds and reached her goal a few months ago. She exercised a lot, walking and riding her bike.

We chatted a few times and were on a first name basis. A few months ago she had changed to the earlier meeting because she needed to take her grandson to school. The last time I saw her was at a walk arranged by our WW leader. Nancy came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. We said a few words and then she went on. She was doing a fast walk. I passed her again as she made her way around a second time.

I feel sad. Even though we were just acquaintances I feel the loss. I think it is because I have experienced so much loss in the last couple of years. Of course I am mostly talking about the loss of teal sisters. I have also had the loss of two fellow members of the Living Strong/Living Well program I attended and of course my cousin in July.

I am so tired of death. But with each death I realize even more how grateful I am to still be here. We fight so hard to stay alive and yet people die suddenly all the time. It boggles the mind.


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Glad to be done
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Karen I am sorry for the loss of your friend


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Glad to be done
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Karen I am sorry for the loss of your friend


debbie steadham
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I have lost a friend to a heart attack,not long after i found out i had ovc.You know Karen that shows us we never know when we will leave this life,only God knows.I know of people that looked like a picture of health but have died from differant things. I just take one day at a time and try to remind myself that it is in Gods hands...prayers and hugs....Debbie

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You have a nice way of putting thought into words, and I enjoy reading your posts. I know how you feel when someone you didn't know very well dies. At least she didn't suffer.


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