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New Flower -- How are you, dear sweet Sister?

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We are thinking, and keeping you close to our hearts. Hoping all is okay.

Strength, Courage and HOPE or a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Need to hear from you!

Hugs, Nancy

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Bella Luna
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Olga... hope you're staying cool this weekend. It's a hot one here in SoCal. Let us know how you are doing. Big hugs to you and yours.

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Another sister I've been thinking about. I hope all is well with you. Please let us know how you are doing when you can...xo

New Flower
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Dear Sisters & Brothers:
Thank you for asking, sorry did not want to keep you worry.
I am on my day cycle#5 of Xeloda and doing ok. Of course I am having and managing side effects getting more skilled as I have been undergoing my treatment. I have been continuing my full-time job, and usually take Wednesdays off for doctor appointments or treatments. My biomarkers are staying flat, the fact, which I do not like, while my oncologist feel very optimistic. We decided to get a PET/CT Scan end of September or first week of October, just waiting for insurance authorization. She also tried to prepare me for not being discouraged by lack of improvement or even progression after “only 3 months in treatment, as bones need time to respond”, however I am not ready for such turn of events and very hopeful to see any kind of improvement. am keeping myself busy, however always tired by the end of the day I had two appointments Thursday: lymphedema treatment @8:00 am, then 40 min drive and saw my oncologist followed by Xgeva shot, then 40 min driving back home with stop at the pharmacy for anti-nausea meds, grocery shopping, while waiting for medication, came home and took my lovely Chemo pills, Xeloda, and stayed in bed for the rest of the day. How nice, isn't it? I have never thought it could about be me.

Heat is not helpful, while on Chemo, these three weeks have been challenging. On Wednesday we have had a 4.4 earthquake with epicenter located about 5 mile NE from my office. It was very close to the surface, so we felt it. Vicki you probably did too.

While I am not able of making sweet Lemonade or any other DESSERT from this Lemon, I am trying at to have a lemon-chicken or citrus marinated Salmon.
I have resumed my regular 1-2 mile walks after work. My biggest achievement that I was able to swim as my incision from bone biopcy eventually healed. As Xeloda is famous for “hand and foot syndrome and skin irritation I have to be careful because of swimming pool chemicals in the water.
My weight has stabilized still had to upgrade my wardrobe to address my weight loss. I hope Xgeva is stimulating recovery of my spine bones as well as it causing my bunions to growth like crazy. I am in process of shopping for new shoes LOL! That’s right, keep managing.
Thank you again again for thinking about me. I am trying my best, it is not alway easy for sure.
Sending well wishes to everyone who is in remission. The ones who are fighting (yes, it has been a real fight for many) please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers and please forgive that I am not here much.
Hugs and Love
New Flower

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Lynne Logan
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Hi Olga,
Reading of your latest makes me feel like a sloth. I've had 13 rads and can barely make it out of bed. Hoping this 3 day weekend gives me enough recovery time to make next week ok. Plus, it's a 4 day week, yipeeee!
You are an inspiration to all of us dealing with the same issue. To know you're still working full time, running your errands, walking and swimming, well I'm just in awe.
Keep up the positive, that's the best we have going for us. You are helping me more than you know.

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One of the hardest aspect of this disease is patience. I don't have much, I want instant since we do live in an instant kind of world. I could not understand it myself when my second ct scan in 2008 showed stable. I expected "Gone". The oncology nurse tried to tell me but, hey, I once had instant and expected it again. Doesn't always work that way. This is a very long haul business.

Keep your spirits up and listen to your oncologist and their staff, they know, they have been watching others for years.

Wishing and hoping that your scan will give some positive, if not stable is a wonderful word too.



Frankie Shannon
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It was so nice to see your posts and that your keeping your spirits up and swimming and walking good girl.Your always in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs Frankie

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Hi new flower. It's been awhile since I've been on the board. I'm so sorry to hear about your bone mets. You are always so positive and gracious. I'm thinking of you and all the other sisters on the board. Please keep us posted on your treatment. Jennifer

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Olga, you're amazing!! The inspiration I get from you is beyond words. Love you dear sister, stay strong:)
Miles of quick curing love,

New Flower
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Thank you very much for your replies. We will stay strong and cheer each other to a complete victory for sure.
I learn so much from you as well as from other Ladies and Gentlemen from this board, thank you. I am trying to be a good student of your's
being a sloth after double mastectomy with port - that is a great spirit! Next week you are going to graduate again and feel better recovering.
It has impossible to be patient with cancer, especially while undergoing Chemo cytotoxic therapy. It is hard to accept that all sacrifices do not always lead to improvements. I am hoping to see some improvement, otherwise we will change medication.
so nice to see your smiling picture. I love you to and happy to help.

Both My scalp and neck are itching like crazy. I am really not ready to loose my hair, so I have been treating my scalp using natural hair/scalp mask from yogurt, yolk and olive oil. It is on for 30 min as I am typing this post. I will let you know if it helps.
Hugs and best wishes to everyone

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in your words, and postings! I am delighted that you are tolerating
Xeloda, and managing your side efforts. You are smart, and vibrant,
so I have no question that you will come out of this fight -- Victorious!

I think of you often, pray for you daily -- your smiling dancing brown eyes,and
huge heart of kindness -- flood my memories and heart.

May you success and health continue to grow in bounds, and you tackle this
latest journey with the dignity and grace -- and in God's timing.

Best of luck, and prayers for good news on your bone scans.

Love you bunches!!!!

Vicki Sam

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New Flower (Olga),

How do you do it? I worked my first bout with cancer, but not my second as you know. I don't know how you manage to work, walk and do all that you do! You have always been an inspirational person, but you are amazing in my book. The care and love you give others you deserve right back at you. You are the reason for many a smile in my day and you deserve all our prayers and love and comfort. I pray for you every night and hope you find improvement soon.

((hugs)) Terry

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We follow you and cry when you cry, but we hope as you hope too. Your hair/scalp mask is making me hungry though. I digress.

I love you!!!!

New Flower
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Hi Ladies,
Thank you for encouraging words. I have had a very difficult week, was feeling miserable, even after being of Chemo. Heat was not helping making exhaustion even worse.
I so glad it is Friday, time to recovery and enjoy life.
My scalp is much better, I will repeat my treatment again.
for the record, I did not work first time around. I was undergoing Taxotere/Cytoxan combo (6 cycles), which was a very tough regimen for me. managing of side effects was my priority, I believe that everyone who is not working while in treatment should feel good about themselves.
have a nice weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Flower

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Happy weekend to you, Olga. It's good to read your posts and to know what is on your plate, lemonade or not. You are handling yourself with such grace and strength. Fall is on its way with some beautiful days! xoxoxo Lynn

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Swimming and walking after chemo. I feel so tired that I cannot get out of bed. You must have some will power to do that. Kudos to you, you are an inspiration. After reading your post I wanted to get up and go walking.
Keep it up, I am going to try to be more active,

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Christmas Girl
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Have been keeping you within my most hopeful thoughts, wishes & prayers, Olga. I wince from merely reading about all you're enduring.

Still, dig deep... Please, try - at least, try! - to be patient. Which will reduce your stress level, a benefit. If you set yourself up to expect too much, surely you'll be disappointed.

So good to find your posts, to hear from you.

Hugs backatcha.

Kind regards, Susan

New Flower
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Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and encouraging comments.
I have good news about my blood i would like to share: While it has started with tears as the lab run out of thin needles, and something about all cancer patients who have asked for thin butterfly needles, and offer to come back two days later, it has a happy ending. Yes, my  blood work results, showing a little improvement in cancer antigen bio markers. We are very encouraged by this outcome.
White blood counts are within normal range so i will continue chemotherapy , Yeah happy about Chemotherapy, who knew I would be happy about having Chemo that is my reality today. I am already in Cycle #6! lol ,
Next big event - PET/CT on sep 25.
Happy Sunday !

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What type of side effects are having with the Zeloda? For me, it was the easiest treatment...I was on it for 7 months, on one week and off a week....twice a day... it gave me 7 months of a normal life...my hair thinned but never went bald and no need for my wig...(wearing it now due to the brain rads...it's growing back very strangely, like a reverse Mohawk!) ...lol ....So glad your markers are coming down....that's improvement!!! YEAH!

Keep us posted and I am wishing you better days ahead.....we care so much about our sisters and worry when we don't see a post for a while...
Hugs, Nancy

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What type of side effects are having with the Zeloda? For me, it was the easiest treatment...I was on it for 7 months, on one week and off a week....twice a day... it gave me 7 months of a normal life...my hair thinned but never went bald and no need for my wig...(wearing it now due to the brain rads...it's growing back very strangely, like a reverse Mohawk!) ...lol ....So glad your markers are coming down....that's improvement!!! YEAH!

Keep us posted and I am wishing you better days ahead.....we care so much about our sisters and worry when we don't see a post for a while...
Hugs, Nancy

New Flower
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Yes, Xeloda has been easy than Taxotere/Cytoxan, however it is till Cytotoxic Chemo. I am on a week on week off schedule. 2 times 3x 500 mg pills. Side effects are cumulative and fatigue builds up slowly by day 5 I feel very exhausted. Today i am staying at home with exception of my lymphedema treatment
Cycle # 6
Fatigue - taking day off
Feeling noxious & dizzy - took medication have been feeling better today
Constipation - Colace
Heartburn- Zantac
Eye Irritation -eye drops twice a day
Myalgia & muscles spasms - medication for muscles
Edema (swelling of arms and feet) regular lymhedema treatments.

Wishing everyone a nice day

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How do you hold up and yet make the time to post encouragements? Those side effects would put anyone down. I sure hope they will subside. Could it still be the effects from the other Taxotere? It is still hanging around my system after 4 weeks. How long do you have to take the Xeloda? Is it a rest-of-your-life thing or is it just for a while?

I am hoping that someone is taking care for you during this. I don't know what markers are but it sounded good that the other chemo worked. Oh baby doll I wish this would go away for you with all of my heart!

Gentle hug sister (cuz my boob hurts right now)