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Recurrence with a normal ca-125?

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Hello Ladies,

Went to see my oncologist this morning for a regular check up. I told him about some pain I've been having for the past 2 weeks in my lower left pelvic area. I'm in remission for 9 months and on Avastin clinical trial right now for maintenance; I have all sorts of pains everywhere, so I thought it was related to that. But, upon pelvic exam he said there was "something", a "fullness", a "mass". What? How could this be, my ca-125 taken last week was 8! He said that this test is not always reliable for all patients and they will need to do a ct scan to get a better look as to what this is exactly.

Ugh! Don't tell me it's back already! Has anyone experienced or heard of a recurrence with a normal ca-125? I've been looking online and I've read other blogs and discussion boards of ladies that have had this happen.

I pray it's not back already. Any information would be so helpful.

Thank you Teal Sisters!



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I am having chemo with a malady who 's number was four and her Ct/Pet scan showed involvement in the lymph nodes.. Sucks big time. Praying the beast is not back..could be scar tissue...Val

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I had recurrence after 9 months remission. My CA-125 was 14. Mine was in a lymph node near my collar bone. Hopefully yours is something else! Keep us updated. This disease is just terrible to live with. At least there are more drug options available today for us. Best wishes.


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I'm hoping what the doctor felt is some kind of cyst or like Val said, scar tissue. Please keep us posted. Am praying for a good outcome to your CT scan!


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I am so sorry it is back I came out of remission after only five months. Doctor Monk said the same thing about the CA-125 with me but for the other reason mine was up and he did not see anything on the catscan but two months later he could see the mass. Again I am so sorry you are in my prayers that you are ned very soon did Doctor Monk take you off the Avastin and when you are ned again can you go back on the Avastin.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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Don't know if it's back yet. I have my ct scan on thursday 9/6. So, I'll know more after that. For now, I'm staying positive and not worrying about it until I actually have something to worry about.

Hope you are doing well.



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Wishing you luck tomorrow!
((((HUGS))) Maria

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Hi, last spring I went for my six month checkup with my oncologist ( I am a three year survivor) and complained of pain in my lower left abdomen. The doctor felt the area and sent me off for a CT scan, fearing a recurrence. It turned out that it was only a hernia. My CA-125 was 20 , still in the normal range. Let's hope your problem will be a relatively benign problem too.
I had the surgery to repair the hernia two weeks ago abd I'm doing fine. My post-op is tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you too, hoping for the best. Kelly

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it's just a tool the drs use and like any tool...it can be the right one for some and not others....at the time my recurrence was discovered mine number was 21. Hoping you have good news.

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Just got the call this am from my NP and she said there were no masses, no tumors and no swollen lymph nodes! Praise God!

She believes my pain is caused by the Avastin and a muscle strain. That was the "fullness" she felt also. It was probably caused by my working in the garden and lifting something heavy.

The clean scan definitely corresponds with my ca-125 of 8! So for now, I'm continuing on my clinical trial and I'm stable.

Thanks ladies for all your prayers and good thoughts.


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Glad to be done
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Oh thank god Carmen... That is wonderful news. You must be on cloud 9...


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very happy for your good news Carmen!

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very happy for your good news Carmen!

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