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Just saying

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kit kat
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Joined: Aug 2010

Here I am world, may 5th 2010 had a double mas, chemo and all the crap that happened in between I don't have to tell u guys.Recouperating from surgery Aug 21 to fix implants.I am a boney gal, so they took fat from my knees and plumped up my chest with bigger implants , I was so flat.Tell me how am survoring is beyond me.I really did nt think I'd make it this far

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You not only made it you have a great attitude, and a sense of humor. You made it!!!! And I am happy with you. I wanna make it too.


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I wish this forum was filled with these stories. Very happy for you!


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This forum is filled with manyh'great' stories!

At least I believe my story' is "great news" (at least to me). I was DX'd IBC in Aug '09. Had chemo, surgery, chemo, rads and am on Femara. I've been told that Drs didn't expect me to make it a year - it't 3 yrs since DX and as far as I know I'm beeting the odds for IBC as I am still NED.

All BC is not the same monster! Only between 1% and 5% of ALL BC are IBC and only 25% of those make it to 5 yrs. There are 3 other younger Pink Sister (that I can think of at the moment) here who have been DX'd IBC since I was and they are unfortunately in TX again.

There are many great 'stories' here if you choose to read them.

If I misunderstood your inferrance - I'm sorry.

Winyan - The Powwr Within


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Not only have you made it this far, but I hope you can see that there is still a tomorrow?!! =) It's ok to make plans to do things in the distant future...

Glad you are here!

How interesting about taking fat from your knees, I haven't ever heard of that before. =)
Did that work out ok enough? I used to be really thin (103 lbs) but since chemo induced menopause I've gained so much weight, about 45 lbs or so. Nobody ever mentioned that side effect! Ah well.


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kit kat
Posts: 56
Joined: Aug 2010

The knees and surrounding it hurts like hell. But so does everything else regarding bc.I'm 51 now, diag at 49.told by a screw up doctor that i had c all over my spine, Months to live.I M 5 7 and always mantained 140 weight.I am on cimablta from neuropathy in legs and that I believe keeps my weight in check.I hope my right implant stays put Thank u Take care

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You are one very tough lady and that is why you are still around.

Wish you the best as you recover from your latest surgery,


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kit kat
Posts: 56
Joined: Aug 2010

Thank you, but I am a complete whimp. I cried for 2 years 24/7 Yes thats my question Why me?

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You do realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, you did or didn't do caused your cancer, don't you???

Personally, I think it is all of the stuff in our surrounding environment and that some people just have a genetic predisposition and/or are more susceptible than others. Regardless of whether or not a carrier for the BRCA gene.

I hope that in some way you can come to terms with this beast and are able to move past the why me part. Myself, I haven't experienced this particular aspect and I really don't know why not; as it's perfectly understandable to question why me...

However, I do know how it feels to be stuck, so to speak, in an seemingly never ending emotional void with no apparent end in sight. It sucks. It really and truly sucks.

What helped me --and may or may not help you--¹ is that I sat down one day and just ran through every conceivable scenario of the worst outcome I could ever imagine. I thoroughly explored each and every situation and how I might respond. Then taking it a step further I tried to imagine how everyone around me might act or react.

I guess once I was able to see the worst I was no longer afraid, no longer questioning why/what/how...it just was; with no real answer or reason.

I will never know the answer and whether or not I did the right thing. I did what I could do, and it wasn't even the best that I could do at that.

But, you know what? It doesn't matter. I'm ok, and that's what matters.

You're ok too, and that's what matters. Maybe a little worse for the wear, but aren't we all?!! =)


¹Your mileage may vary!

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