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My partner was diagnosed stage 3 , t3 n1 how many have beaten this long term without it coming back ?

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Hello my partner was diagnosed with colon cancer , t3 , n1 ..... Stage 3 , no futher spread to other organs ...... How many have beaten this without reccurances and have any of you gone past the 5yr "cure" period , I've read online that it is beatable in stage 1-3 . Thanks in advance for anyone who replys

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Check this post. I think it will offer some info that you are requesting.


Post any additional questions you may have on specifics.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks I've just looked at that's, it's from mixed stages though , I just specifically wanted to know about stage 3 survivors and if anyone had beaten stage 3 long term .

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I was dxed in jan 1998 with aggressive stage 3 c into 6 lymph nodes. Surgery and 48 sessions of chemo. I have been ca free since then.Ron.

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yes, several of us have. I was dx'd May 08 at stage 3B and currently clear and free of cancer. 9 more months to the golden 5 years

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i was stage 3, 10/11 lymph nodes infected. third year in remission.

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Thanks so far for your comments , so it is beatable then ? I worry a lot . Our doctor says 75 percent will be cured but 25 percent will get reccurance , just got to do the treatment I guess then follow up appointments and hope we remain in the 75 percent .

So Worried
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I have heard and read the same thing. As for my husband's stage 2, the Dr. told us 75% of no recurrence without chemo and 85% recurrence with chemo.
So...stage 3 is not too far off from that. Good luck in your research. Since June 25 (diagnosed day), I have spent probably 1000 hours researching. It's pretty crazy. I need to stay offline I think. I find myself knowing too much and it's scary.

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Read my history and you will see there is hope for us all.

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Thanks so far for your comments , so it is beatable then ? I worry a lot . Our doctor says 75 percent will be cured but 25 percent will get reccurance , just got to do the treatment I guess then follow up appointments and hope we remain in the 75 percent .

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I was originally diagnosed as a 3c/4 (they couldn't make up their minds).

The statistics aren't "75% cured". there is no "cure". Period.

The actual statistics for stage 3 is 26% survival if nothing after surgery,
and 28% if chemical therapy is taken.

I do not know why your doctor gave you false statistics, but please
be aware of the real statistics. Knowing what you're up against;
knowing thy enemy, can help you deliver you a victory.

Burying one's head in the sand accomplishes nothing but failure.

You have my best hopes for better health!


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John, Forget the word cured but I can't find survival statistics for 3a and 3b which would indicate that there is only a 26-28% survival. These numbers are true for 3C according to the ACS in 2000. Stage 3A which the poster is asking about does show a five year survival of 75%. I'm curious where you find these numbers. I can understand a survival of 26% if all stages are lumped together as so many are initially diagnosed as Stage 4.

Thanks John


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Stage 3, 10 of 15 nodes positive. Received surgery, chemo, and radiation. Still kickin', NED after 19 years.

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Hey John have you ever watched the show Incurables? It's basically people who fight their cancer with holistic approach. I started watching that show back in 2010 when I was diagnosed it's on every Thursday and for the past 2 years it's the same people over and over and over! Hmmmm!

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I was diagnosed Stage III. I've had recurrences but I'm still alive and kicking almost 10 years after my diagnosis. I hope your partner has NO recurrence, of course. But even if s/he does, it's not the end of the world.

Good luck!


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I was diagnosed stage IIIB in November of 2009. 1/10 nodes. I'm still NED. No Evidence of Disease. Best wishes to your partner. This is beatable.

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This is a nice post to follow but please do realise that many who find themselves in long term remission that goes on for some years often leave this site behind (often for very healthy reasons).Often those activelyusing this site are those actively fighting cancer (hence perhaps you may the good outcome stories a bit under represented here).

You will also find disagreements about how to interpret stats as well as terms like NED, remission, cured etc. All of our aiims are to become NED (can'tfind any cancer in you) long enough to feel confident it won't return (often the magicalfive years) at which people begin to feel brave enough to consider themselves 'cured'. The stats are all mainly for this 'five year survival' period.

You have read the stats and know the outcomes yourself so don't be too distracted by disagreements about how to interpret them or semantics about which word is the right one to use. Focus on using your energy to helpyour partner be one of the ones in the survival group.

My own story is unusual as was stage 3 with 2 nodes affected and did 7 years clear (NED) and then have had a local recurrence in the pelvis.I still hope for long term cure and think it is possible for some even in stage 4. No matter how small the numbers say the chance of cure is there is always hope you are part of that small group.

Best of luck,